Lies and Counter Intelligence of an Insane Society     (second modulation)


   Skeptics are dominating society.

   Not people being skeptic, mind you.

   But Skeptics. The cult, the fanatics.

   These are people hysterically engaged to «facts». Or rather to facts fitting their own preconception of Reality. Everything not fitting that preconception, they’re discarding without any evaluation. They believe the world is a brick wall, and exclusively so. Nothing more. Everything that can’t be measured and weighed inside a laboratory, in a controlled environment, do not exist, and therefore are all teaching, all accounts, of such incidents considered hearsay and heresy. Science has become one more religion and they’re among its highest priests. There was a short time in history when people using at least some of the methodology of today’s «scientists» investigated The Unknown with an open heart. That time is long past.

   They're of course not, not sceptical at all, but has embraced, hook, line and sinker, the current society's narrow interpretation of reality.

   They’re not alone in their domination, there are several others, but they’re one of the major, influential forces. As superstitious minds in general they do not particularly enjoy it, when someone is challenging their view on Reality, and they’re retaliating. These defense - mechanisms are as much integrated in present day society as other essential building blocks of society. An automatic response designed to catch perceived threats early on. The environmental movement is one such threat, at least the part that can never become a part of mainstream society. The same can be said about anarchists, Witches and other «dabblers» in the supernatural/paranormal. And then there’s the Internet. And there are others. Combine two of these factor and concerns are growing further. Combine more than two and the red lights are flashing.


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   The Internet, with its many ways of communicating, is virtually the only medium today where there is a free exchange of information. There are very few means of censorship and none that actually works. This fact becomes even more valuable, in a world where there are no other public quorums where free will may be expressed without great... difficulties.
   But the old, stagnant ways are resisting, getting ever more desperate to contain the free flow of information, or at least dilute it, making it less dangerous. Wherever and whenever the system and their representatives feel there’s a risk of upsetting the balance, the established Order, they strike. Not necessarily in a coordinated effort, but that too. There are eager «individuals» and there are groups.
   The occult, the paranormal, in surroundings where unusual people surely are dwelling, is one area where the system of tyranny won’t give an inch. Perhaps not so strange, since this is people and incidents, more than suggesting a different reality.
   To the people administrating tyranny and their eager servants, there can be no more than one, singular, narrow reality.
   In a genocide, lasting hundreds of years, unprecedented in history, clerical and secular forces combined to eradicate all the people, all the traces, of the ancient knowledge. Knowledge with a lot broader and fundamental understanding than what remained, in the «ruins» of the old Earth. 200 years after the last, official witch - burning, we, the new witches, are still struggling to pick up the pieces. And the Witchhunts have never really ended, merely taken new, less obvious forms.
   There are webpages, making a mockery of people suffering from supernatural incidents. Even the most convincing and well documented, like The Amityville Horror, is assaulted from all sides, with lies, perjuries and the most ridicules accusations. Kevin L. Wagner’s site The Amityville Conspiracy is one of several sites, where this is done. Kevin is one of those PSF’s who is claiming to believe that the supernatural is a reality. This is merely another clever ploy, a ruse, to discredit any accounts of the paranormal. I don’t know what his personal motive is, if he has one, beyond defending the dominant «culture», but he’s obviously dishonest. He’s certainly not stupid. Therefore his over the top lies, his exaggerated, completely out of proportion attacks and ridicule, are more than suggesting an agenda. There are people who honestly believe that the Amityville Horror is a hoax. Kevin L. Wagner is not one of them.
   The Amityville Horror is also attacked on Usenet, in groups like alt.paranormal. There is a group there who is certainly quite well organized. They go by several names. The name I think is most fitting is Pseudo Skeptic Fanatics (PSF), a name also embracing some «unaffiliated». Dan Kettler has done quite an outstanding job, monitoring, documenting their exploits. They’ve practically bullied most of the pro - paranormal people away from alt.paranormal and related groups. While they, not interested in discussing the paranormal, but instead in disrupting the smallest attempt to discuss it, any way they can, remain. They’ve also done a lot of disrupting in chat areas and other web related stuff. And they’ve attempted to get Kettler and others both banned on and even banished from the web. See Kettler’s excellent site for more thorough information.
   For the record, I see myself as a natural skeptic, but my mind is not closed to new ideas, yet unrealized realities and the huge Unknown. It may take years before I’m accepting something that is new to me, and there’s always doubt. Most of the pro paranormal people I know are like that.
   And our skepticism is, of course, also directed at «science», something most people in denial about the paranormal, takes as gospel. This is not strange... since this is their religion, their milk and blood. We’re approaching everything, including «scientific» discoveries, with skepticism and an open mind. They’re attempting to sell intolerance and censorship as a truth seeking venture. That is not new. It has been quite a successful approach for some time now. since well before the actual burning of witches started en masse.
   But their well proven methods are failing and they despair in finding new ones. Truth crushed to Earth has always risen again. As it is about to, now. And they’re growing desperate. and they take further steps to distort reality. They can’t do that, of course, but they can distort peoples perception and understanding of it. And thus we lose a bit more of ourselves, of our self, and need to pick up even more pieces. And humanity may be lost.


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   Kevin L. Wagner: persists in "accusing" me of being Micheal S. Lindenbaum... He's also accusing me and others for wanting him to remove his page. Another mindless assertion! I certainly don't want him gone, or care whether his page is there or not.
   I won't deny him his rights to publicly attack others (the Lutz family). He is entitled to do as he wants... as long as he realizes that others are entitled to the same, regarding him, something he has yet to do.

   He continues to claim that I and Michael LIndenbaum am the same person. Now, that is stupid. Everybody who has studied the writings of me and Michael, would/should know that, even though we agree on the Amityville case, we're quite different in most other ways.

   Well, good ol' Kevin has started to discover that the people in Amityville aren't the heroes he has always claimed and portrayed them to be. Common sense must start somewhere, I guess.


   One other prominent member of this cast is Ric Osuma (ric112). He was supposed to partake in a balanced documentary concerning The Amityville Horror, where both sides could present their views (yes, as unbelievable as it sounds there are "sides" in this matter). He decided he didn't like this and quit. Now, he's accusing George Lee Lutz of "forcing him out".


House of Mystery


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