There were a lot of native Indians, the Shinnecocks, on long island, when the white arrived there hundreds of years ago. They were treated like all Indians in america, not very well, not very well at all. Add to this that the Shinnecocks were not exactly the image of harmony and good conduct themselves (among other things they did not treat their own «misfits» very well, according to Amityville Historical Society), and you have an explosive mix of hatred and desire for Vengeance.

   I do believe a group within the tribe took vengeance, that they were not quite as helpless as other Indians against the relentless machine of the invading europeans. They didn’t do a very good job of it, or the consequences would be far worse than the occasional hazard for occupants that today do exist in Amityville. But they did something. In good christian terms, they cursed their own tribal area, perhaps using the misery and hatred of their own sick and mad and dying. The people they segregated to one specific place, a place rumored to be haunted by «demons». Not so strange that. And there are still Shinnecocks on the Island today, integrated in the europeans' society. The Shamans the Witches, of the tribe didn’t like them much either, I guess, seeing them as traitors.


   It is said that spirits can live beyond the death of a body. Whether in reincarnation or a disembodied spirit, is hard to tell. I think both are not only possible, but probable. The world is a far more strange place than the narrow perspective of the present day society dare to envision.

   And whatever present day society doesn’t dare to envision, doesn’t exist...

   Such a society would do everything in its power, consciously and subconsciously, to retain the status quo.

   And it did!


House of Mystery



   Yes, there are discrepancies in Jay Anson’s book. I don’t find that strange at all. If it wasn’t discrepancies it would be suspicious. First of all, Kathy and George had to remember everything after the most traumatic experience of their lives. It’s only natural that they get dates and details mixed up a bit. As stated, if everything was 100 percent correct it would stink hoax a long way.
   Anson was ill while writing the book and died soon afterwards. It stands to reason that he didn’t get to proof read before they buried him. From this also follows the minor changes in the different printings. But his investigating team found that the story correlated, from dozens of independent witnesses. That some of the witnesses later refused to come forth in public, only add to the credibility.
   Yes, the movie was different from the book. Definitely not strange. Have you ever heard of a movie being faithful to the book? Well in this case it was, actually, since it’s not the details that matter, but the «spirit» and the story was not changed in any significant way. That this is used as «proof» for the hoax, is clearly showing how little the people screaming hoax, have to show for themselves.
   Then there’s the money argument. Now, that, I really can’t understand. No one involved made much money. One could say that the Warrens did gain some advantage of it, becoming famous psychic investigators. One could just as easily claim that their lives have not been very harmonic afterwards, being accused of fraud wherever they went. The Lutz family LOST a LOT of money on it all. C’mon, picture this: They had to leave the house they had invested all their savings in, and didn’t feel safe until they had moved across the continent to California. They left a lot of their belongings and didn’t ever return to the house. And these people are accused of fraud? You tell me, what’s wrong with this picture?
   The only person one can say really benefited from it all, is Stephen Kaplan, the fraudulent «psychic investigator», who was chased from the property because he showed up with a circus of seven «witches» and a tv team, who feared he would miss an opportunity of a lifetime, and therefore, out of spite, started the hoax rumors. «Dr» Stephen Kaplan, who made a career out if the whole thing, which book «The Amityville Conspiracy», is the only one still in print.
   The present day world is indeed turned upside down. He, defending established Order, with the entire establishment behind him, has all the credibility, in spite of him really having none. This is a well established fact, but still very few are questioning his credentials, even his most outrageous accusations... taken out of thin air. Yes, there’s indeed a conspiracy in Amityville, but not by the Lutz family or Jay Anson or Ed and Lorraine Warren, but by the people screaming hoax and their silent helpers.


House of Mystery


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