Paranormal: As in "beyond normal"


   Supernatural: As in "beyond nature". Nothing existing within nature can be beyond or outside it.



   The fact of the matter is that what is currently classified as paranormal events are as common as grass. It's happening every second of the day, with all and every human on the planet (and off).
   On one hand we have all the official mumbo jumbo claiming that ghosts, paranormal powers, aliens and such is pure superstition.
   And then there's the fact: We're so used to it, so used to the paranormal that we quite simply take it for granted. The term should be something like this: "Beyond present day conscious experience" (or something)…
   Centuries ago, in what technological worshippers love to call "primitive" times, a witch, a shaman with particular strong "paranormal" talent was recognized early on and her or his learning, development was supervised from childhood. He or she was given every opportunity to learn as much as possible, to better being able to handle the fire within.
   Today there's very little encouragement and we suffer tremendously for it. If we don't fit into nice, little boxes we're chastised, bullied and persecuted. Memories of past lives, for instance, are deemed "an over-active imagination". If we persist on such bullshit, keep behaving outside the accepted norm, during adolescence we risk being locked up in "hospitals" or worse.
   From the very cradle during adolescence and adulthood we're going through the meat-grinder countless times. Society's intolerance and narrow perception is beaten into us, the regiment of ignorance reinforced every step of the way, in a process very close to brainwashing. It's a miracle that any of us are emerging into adulthood with any creativity and independence left.

   But we are and we're seeing through the illusion woven before our eyes. And we see the world as it is.

   Fortunately the world is far bigger and more interesting than we're told it is.



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   A Seer doesn't necessarily know he is a Seer. In a book of his, called "Futility" Morgan Robertson wrote about the ship, the passenger liner Titan. He wrote about the insufficient number of lifeboats, how it was sunk by hitting an iceberg and the enormous loss of life. He got a lot of details right and so few wrong.    He wrote about Titanic, "the boat that couldn't sink" 14 years before it actually sank. A long chain of coincidences? Luck? Not a chance.    In a world accepting pshychic abilities for the fact it is, he and others would have recognized his story, his visions for what it was: Not a novel nor a book… but a prophecy.    The souls of the dead are hiding behind the surface, screaming for a reckoning.    Time is fluid, the future is fluid. Destiny can be thwarted, by human beings seeing beyond Time and Space.



   The king will die. She knows a lot, but she also knows this. A decade before it actually happens The Seer sees the king die.
   The king, to quote Michael de Notredame, "is doomed to die".

   Jeane Nixon (no relation to the later rather known hustler) is one of the better known psychics, perhaps because she became a celebrity by predicting the fate of celebrities, perhaps because of her uncanny track-record. The talent of precognition, by its very nature is a random, fickle task. Probability shifts and change constantly, and what's true today may not be true tomorrow. But Nixon's very public predictions, both the prediction itself… and its outcome, its validity are very thoroughly documented. Making mincemeat of hysterical "rationalists" cry for "controlled experiments".
   In 1952 she spoke of John F Kennedy for the first time. She told about "a blue-eyed, young democrat that would be elected in 1960 and that he would be assassinated in 1963. As the fifties… and early sixties progressed her visions became more clear, more detailed. The morning of the assassination she said to a host of witnesses: "This is the day. This is the day he will die".



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