Amityville in red


   Ronald DeFeo did kill his parents and four siblings November 13th 1974. Of this there is no doubt, in anyone’s mind. Or at least, that's how the official story goes... He killed them in their bed, while they were sleeping. Neighbors living next door didn’t hear anything of the shooting. Eight sharp thundering cracks and no one heard anything. Either all the neighbors were deaf that night or the more believable story is true, the one about supernatural forces...
   Later while interrogated by the police, he claimed that voices told him to do it. Neither the police nor the jury believed him. He was judged sane and given 6 consecutive live time sentences. This happened in October next year, only two months before Kathleen and George Lutz moved in.
   According to themselves they were a bit apprehensive. Naturally. Wouldn’t you be? But this was, after not the only house where former tenants have committed murder or grave acts of violence. They were shocked, as most others, over the act itself, but it wasn’t really their business.
   So they moved in, filled with high expectations. This was exactly the kind of home they had always wanted.
   The Father in question, an old friend of George, arrived to bless the house. He didn’t encounter any members of the family on his way in. Observing the parents and kids in the garden, he decided to go to work without «bothering» them.
   Then it happened, suddenly, shockingly. It didn’t take more than a few drops of holy water. A voice coming from the very air, cried to him: GET OUT! He froze, turned and there was no one there. But there was no doubt that someone had spoken to him, and no one else. The voice had been so close, as if the person uttering the spiteful words, had been/was standing right behind him. He waited a bit, shook his head, and proceeded with the blessing, with caution and more than a bit anxious. The worry he had felt the entire day, was reinforced as he walked through the house, spreading more holy water. Whoever had spoken didn’t repeat itself. But he could still hear the words in his mind, the tone and demeanor more than suggested a very... pissed person.
   It wasn't difficult to sense the hatred and pure disgust. Hitting like a wall, a smell of garbage rotting for weeks and weeks.

   He completed the ritual, met with the family, and left. Looking at the house he felt the feeling of enmity there, now, more than ever. It was almost funny, how the house looked to him as a person. He didn’t feel very good, he didn’t feel good at all, and this sense of being unwell reinforced itself the rest of the day. When he finally got to visit his mother, he was met with her shocked expression and he understood why, when he got to look at himself in a mirror. There were two distinct black rings around his eyes, as if someone had painted with coal on his skin. In the days to come he would get truly ill, and the slightest contact with the Lutz family would make him worse. merely an attempt of a phone call, or an intent of visiting them, would be sufficient... to feel the pain, to feel the horror, the shame of being completely and utterly violated.




   The fifth night George Lee Lutz and Kathleen Lutz and their three children spent in the house the heavy front door was torn from the hinges from the inside. The disturbances didn't start on a small scale to slowly built momentum. It was there around them, from the very start. It started on what was later shown to be a smaller scale, to built momentum from there.
   And the purely physical manifestations seem to be of a diversionary type anyway. The real attack was on the mind, of all people present within the house.

   The crucifix is hanging upside down…
   The world is turned inside out.

   Fader Manusco, in bed with influenza, makes several attempts to talk to George and Cathy about his experience in the house, in vain. After a very short, unsatisfactory conversation a loud buzz is interrupting the fader and George. Any attempt to reestablish the connection ends in vain.
   The fader calls the phone company. Everything is in order. Finally very, very worried he calls a friend within the Nassau County police department.
   The family is having a Christmas visit from Kathy's brother and mother. They immediately notice the changes in George, his temper, his obsession with keeping up the heat in the house and other, minor details. In short he has, in just a few days turned into an order-obsessive.
   Officer Al Gionfriddo (not his real name) from the Amityville police district is sitting outside in a car, witnessing George leaving the house. He's on duty this night, checking the family for Manusco's police friend. Calling in he reports that the family is at home and seems okay.
   But a slight worry remains. Gionfriddo was also on duty the night the DeFeo-family was massacred.



Close Neighbors

  This is how close the neighbors are.

  It seems impossible for anyone that close to not hear every loud noice coming from the other house. This has been used against the Lutz family. How can everything they claim was going on, actually have happened, without other people, living that close, hearing anything?

  As usual very important facts are omitted. People "forget" that the same happened when the DeFeo's lived there. Disputes and shouting... and eight loud cracks from a rifle... and nobody heard a thing!

  As usual there is one rule for the mundane interpretation and another rigorious set of rules for accepting what actually happened.

  Psychic... energy, call it what you will, prevented anyone outside the house, from hearing anything.

  Sometimes life is quite simple.


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