Vladimir Svareff


  Vladimir Svareff aka Amos Keppler is an adventurer, a mystic, a witch, a Nomad, a writer, an artist, and a Human Being.

  He has done just about everything here and on the extended Midnight Fire Website... text, prose, poems, images, photographs, webdesign and music. He hasn't done the... haunting photographs from Amityville, though. Most of them were found on the web with unknown origin.

   He will soon be re-visiting Amityville, Pluckley and other places besides.


This is one set of pages, on this website, dealing with different themes of the Paranormal.



Suggestions and contributions and questions and murder threats: shadows@midnight-fire.net

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Butterfly - catapillar no more 1999-12-22
The first Night in the year of no lord 12055, in one year of the Abyss.

   Ongoing Transformation and Metamorphosis started.
FIRST WAVE: 2000-12-08, 352. Night 12055 by the end of the year of The Abyss.

SECOND WAVE: 2001-05-25, 155. Night 12056 in the first year in the time of the Twilight Storm.