Shadows are cast...


   And Life, at the stroke of Midnight, by the lighting of a Fire,

To Shadows


   Shadows need only be cast once... to influence past, present and future...


   turns much more interesting.

Walk through the Gate



   BlankNothing more is necessary really.

Cast thine Shadow. Turn a key inside.
You destroy the world, you create the world.

A small step to the side. Nothing more. Illusion is gone.

BlankThe Shadow is not a shadow


The World







This is one set of pages, on this website, dealing with different themes of the Paranormal.


First uploaded 2000-02-29
69.Night, in the year of no lord, in one year of the Abyss, 12055.
A day that doesn't exist, an embarassment to the modern world.
400 years are past, since it last saw the light of day.
It doesn't exist, and is thereby gaining importance
A day of Magick...

Ongoing Transformation and Metamorphosis update 2001-11-15


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   You could say, of course, that it's just one more coup of the christian/civilized stupidity, and I most certainly agree. But that's just the point, isn't it? Circumstances make it special... ;) It's often thus.