There are people in the world who only believe in what they can see or touch, what can (or not) be measured by fallible human instruments. But that's okay, really. They, as everybody else, should have the right to have their own opinion.
   Call them "skeptics", if you want. I'll do that.

   There are others, though, who would go much further.
   These people aren't satisfied about their opinion being only their opinion. They want everybody else to share it. They come from many areas and professions. Here in this forum we tend to call them psf (pseudo skeptic fanatics). I certainly call them that. These people are dominating the present day world, not necessarily by their numbers, but certainly by their direct and indirect influence. Ironically they do so in tandem with the dogmatic religions. Not so strange perhaps, since they've obviously become a dogmatic religion themselves. They've become a cult of ignorance, intolerance and full blown hatred. Their every word is dripping malice and contempt of people thinking, acting and believing differently from themselves.

   They're well organized and well funded, through their zeal and dominance on current society a powerful hate-group. Their goal is nothing less than chasing off all proponents of the paranormal from the newsgroup alt.paranormal , to make it such that all proponents of the paranormal everywhere, can't speak up, without being persecuted. They're doing their utmost to keep people from searching for a deeper truth, thereby robbing many from experiencing important aspects of existence. We keep asking them what they're doing here, why they've kept an ongoing presence here for years. They don't believe in the paranormal, they don't want to discuss the paranormal, they just want to end all public discussion of the paranormal. They're harassing, ridiculing and terrorizing the most known and thick-hided proponents, to scare most others from posting and share their opinions. And so far they're succeeding. Since 1998, since I started frequenting the pages of alt.paranormal there has been a steady decline of paranormal proponents posting here. There are adjacent people in other groups doing their disruptive gig, but they don't even start being comparable with these guys, in terms of pure viciousness, contempt and pathological hatred for everything different, everyone having a different world-view than themselves. These are the people that will be in the front-line of any witch burning. They'll stand there with their torches. As the Witch is screaming in agony, the psf-folks will be looking for ways to enhance the witches' pain.

   They're constantly practicing misdirection and distortions in the hope that if a lie is repeated often enough, it will be believed. In many ways they're the ultimate eager servants of tyranny, of establishment, because they're defenders of the very perception of reality prevalent in the present day world. Take the most common denominator - they'll defend it. Everything outside the norm, their norm, they'll attack viscously. And they know their henhouse-picker theory: Everyone can be picked on, everyone has at least one "flaw", one characteristic making them easy targets. And if not they're just creating, inventing one.

   Well, there are some people not being fooled all the time. The perception of the world *is* changing, as it always does, as it inevitably must.
   That must scare the mummified mothballs out of you psf-folks.

   Amos the Witch



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