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   Life, for most people (to paraphrase John Constantine in Neil Gaimanís graphic novel Books Of Magic), is like walking on the sidewalk. Most people hardly ever walk out in the road, where cars are driving in all directions, in a confusing and ever more disturbing manner. And if they do, itís just in short moments, walking from one cakewalk to another on marked and relatively calm zebra crossings.

   But some people, either by intent or coincidence, are encountering something, someone out there, drastically changing their perception, changing the way they look at things, at themselves.

   Theyíre entering The Night, the world between two days, and some, either voluntarily or accidentally or forced... are staying there forever.

   The Night is Different. Perspective is Changing. Senses are opening up to new and strange sensations. Senses are opening up, widening, and more are sensed, stronger and deeper. Born into a society of mediocrity, not everybody can handle that. The rewards, of independence and diversity and creativity, the Magick inside turning out, are great. Only at Night can a human being, diminished, will leeched away, by civilization, feel truly Alive. Modern Man put names on the Unknown to make it known, like talismans to ward off evil and just as useless. The very belief in evil, may make some people susceptible to whatever is out there, both human and perhaps of human origin. Humanity is the greatest Creative Force this world has ever known, a limitless Storm about to run wild, Creation and Destruction personified, the ancient myths of Shiva and Vishnu rolled into one. Remnants reverberates through Night, from times past and it refuses to go away. It might destroy you anyway, but if you donít embrace it, it will certainly do so. Push down a lid on a steaming kettle and the pressure will ever increase. The violent release will come...



This is one set of pages, on this website, dealing with different themes of the Paranormal.


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The first Night in the year of no lord 12055, in one year of the Abyss.

SECOND WAVE: 2001-05-25, 155. Night 12056 in the first year in the time of the Twilight Storm.

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