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"Human Beings are deep wells of energy,
immense reservoirs of force,
the force of life
determined to subdue matter".

Colin Wilson








   Q: Are there people with psychic powers in the world? If so, what is their origin, what makes them work?

   A: Yes, the world is full of people with psychic powers. There are many kinds, with many different origins and causes. Human beings are enormous reservoirs of untapped power and our reality is far more extensive than we're led to believe.

   In the present day world these manifestations of human inborn power usually have an extremely random quality. Very few are trained in their use. The world at large is denying their existence. This may result in people living their entire life without being aware of a major part of their identity. And during times of emotional stress and danger the powers may manifest spontaneously, causing terror and danger to people experiencing it.

   There are blurring edges, but still somewhat distinctive.


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