The world you, like most people imagine in your daily existence... is an illusion. Not in the sense that it isn't real, but in its significance.

   The kettle keep boiling no matter how much its lid is pushed down, in a desperate attempt to stop the steam from… well, steaming…

   There are faint, distant and very persistent, very close rumblings.
   We see only a tiny part of an iceberg. Most of it is hidden in the sea, beneath the dark and moist surface. The Deeper Truth of the world is the equivalent of an iceberg, at least in human current world where most of us are content looking at the surface, the superficial shell saying very little about anybody and anything.    Well, to all of you out there, I bring great news. Rejoice and be content nevermore. There's a Change in the Earth and the Sky.
   We humans have for a very long time now, denied essential parts of ourselves, of Reality. We have at least tried. In vain, of course. We have made ourselves ill, in a desperate attempt to cast out what we imagine is the more unsavory part of our nature, of Nature itself.
   Well… Nature won't be denied, neither within nor without. It's returning. After centuries of slumber, we… and It is returning. All our ghosts, all our vast and terrifying forces are rising from the depths. The Real World is imposing itself on the impostor with a vengeance.
   Knowledge is returning. Awareness is returning. Ancient, essential wisdom of our infinite, terrifying and wonderful world is relearned and realized. Both "metaphysically" and "actually", we're going home.



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