136 "points"

in the back of the head...

Some examples of Kevin L.Wagner’s 136 point «remarks» of the accounts in the book. It’s one of the worst examples of slander and nastiness I’ve ever encountered. And that as they say, says quite a bit.
The * denotes his «remarks». The X my comments to his «remarks».

124.George hears what sounds like the boys' beds sliding back and forth. He can't move. The dresser drawers begin to open and close. The voices and marching band start up. George can't scream or move. Doors throughout the house begin to slam back and forth. George sees Harry out in the hallway sleeping through the noise. "Either that dog is drugged, George thought, or I'm the one who's going mad!"
* Well, the dog isn't drugged. George must be going mad.
X - What a wonderfully, deductive statement...

110.Harry gets nervous when George takes him around the house.
* Maybe Harry just doesn't like the house.
X - A dog that doesn’t «like» the house? What is there «not to like», if poor Harry didn’t happen to sense something that the others couldn’t? Animals are more sensitive than humans and are therefore used a lot in psychic research. Every person claiming to investigate the paranormal should know this.

104.Kathy developes welts/burn marks on her body.
* Since it's said that they looked like they were made with a fireplace poker, maybe they're inventing a supernatural cover up for spousal abuse? Maybe it's just a rash since it's gone later in the day.
X - Now, this is a ground for lawsuit, if I ever saw one. But bad ass Kevin knows he’s safe, since the Lutz family is sick and tired of it all and won’t go to court no matter what libel «people» are throwing at them.

84.The ceramic lion that George had taken up to the sewing room was found back in the living room.
* Maybe one of the kids saw the lion in the sewing room, remembered that it was usually in the living room, and decided to take it back down there. The book doesn't even say where the kids are at the time of the incident.
X - Speculative, Kevin, highly speculative (to say it the least).

77.Hoofprints are found in the snow.
* I'm sure it was probably their imaginations getting carried away since there are no pigs running around the neighborhood. They probably saw the cat's tracks and thought it was something else.
X - Imagination? Most people easily see the difference between cat tracks and that of a pig. It says a lot about Kevin that he obviously do not!!!

62."What disturbed Kathy was the clear imprint of teethmarks on his ankle!"
* Sounds like her imagination is getting carried away again.
X - Sounds like Kevin’s ineptness are showing again.

61.George then falls over the ceramic lion.
* He and Kathy had been in the kitchen. Couldn't one of the kids have moved the lion to where George would trip over it?
X - The kids evidently loooved that lion. And Kevin loooove to repeat himself.

60.Kathy sees "movement" out of the corner of her right eye and is sure that she's seen the ceramic lion move a few inches closer toward her. She later feel "foolish about wanting to mention the lion" to George.
* Didn't she say that she only saw movement and not what moved? How does she know it wasn't a curtain blowing or something? Apparently, she must have realized that it could have been her imagination since she doesn't say a word to George about it.
X - Buy yourself a lion, Kevin.

56.The "red room" is discovered.
* It's actually a 2X3 foot access space for plumbing that the family had painted red.
X - And how do you know that, you lying shit, are ya psychic?

51.Jimmy's $1500 disappears when he leaves his raincoat in the kitchen and goes into the living room with George.
* The book doesn't mention where Kathy or the kids are. If the family is hurting so badly for money that they'd make up a tale of the supernatural and make it into a book and a movie, who's to say they wouldn't steal money from their own relatives?
X - Another lawsuit «statement».

47.Jodie is then introduced.
* Jodie was actually the neighbor's Siamese cat. It's eyes glowed red in the dark, and the neighbor said that she'd seen the cat over to the house numerous times and sitting on the window sills. The "pig" came from the Lutzes' meeting with Weber. Apparently, Ronald DeFeo had always referred to the cat as "that pig". This struck me as being very funny since in the movie after Kathy sees the eyes at the window, she tells George, "What I saw was not a cat!"
X - More dirty lies! The last sentence should struck a note even in your muddled brain, Kevin.

42.Sergeant Al Gionfriddo enters the story on December 24th.
* Sergeant Al Gionfriddo doesn't exist.
X - So what? There’s no «Father Mancuso» either. Haven’t you heard of changing names in books to protect them? A police man telling his stories to Anson’s investigators, wouldn’t be treated kindly by a police force, attempting to cover up the whole thing. The names are changed, the person’s do most certainly exist.

40."Father Mancuso" begins having visions of the house while he has a 104-degree fever.
* He's more than likely having hallucinations brought on by the high fever.
X - This from a guy you’re claiming: «The priest (an alias was used in the book) was never in the house and had only counselled the family after they left the house because they were having trouble living where the murders had taken place.»?

39.Kathy finds her crucifix hanging upside-down.
* Kathy was on the third floor with Danny and Chris. She doesn't note if Missy had left her bedroom or if George had left the living room.
X - And the connection is? Some wires have evidently gotten crossed in Kevin’s «brain».

37.Kathy thought it was strange when Missy asked, "Do angels talk?" and when Missy (looking out a window) knew she was there.
* Since when is a 5-year-old girl's asking about angels around Christmas unusual? Also, couldn't Missy have seen her mother's reflection in the window?
X - Another well thought reasoning, Kevin. Perhaps the Amityville police need a new recruit?

4.William Weber, Ronald DeFeo's attorney, was originally called a non-believer in the supernatural by newspapers when the family first went public. However, right after the Lutzes went public, he began trying to get DeFeo a new trial on the basis that he was "possessed" at the time of the murders.
* That's kind of a strong motion for a non-believer in the supernatural.
X - He’s a lawyer, you imbecile. He would have called satan himself as a witness, if there was a change he could get his client off the hook.

From another page, where he’s ridiculing

* In these two pictures, Mr. Lindenbaum claims to have captured a ghostly head or two in the first floor window second from the right. I saw what resembled a head, but I think it's just a trick of the light.
X - I said you weren’t stupid Kevin. I’m tempted to take it back. As I’ve said before, It’s amazing how people eager to «debunk» the unknown, are making up explanations far less believable than the «paranormal option».
Solely because they’re supported by the current, dominant, accepted belief of what Reality is. But it should be obvious by now, that Reality do not fit into our preconceived, narrow perspective of it. Realizing this, whatever our belief in other matter, should be first priority to us all.

And at this point (long since) it’s becoming obvious that Kevin the emperor has no clothes...

The quotes from Kevin’s site are 100 percent accurate, not a letter has been changed. This is exactly how it is as of 1999-12-22. If you don’t believe me or share my opinion of him, go to his site and check it out yourselves, make up your own mind. That’s all, all of us should do really.


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