First of all, you'll find more than one rant here…
   Now that you're warned I'll get straight to it. ;)


   I feel a bit strange using the word "resources" about this page. One reason is that it's still in its infancy and there will be added an enormous amount of material as the moon rise and fall. The first few moons of waiting, however, I think I'll make up for lack of quantity with a not so usual perspective…
   The major reason is one I'll speak of at some length:
   I see it on the Web and outside it.
   The word "resources" means two things to Pagans in the present day world. It might be pure information without any commercialism attached. Or…
   It can be a store.
   Now I'm, of course not opposed to us pagans/occultists having places to procure our much-needed paraphernalia. There will inevitably be stuff we'll have difficulties making ourselves that we just can't go to the store at the corner and buy. What I'm objecting to is the extent and the fact that what should be an alternative movement is emulating the society it's supposed to distance itself from.
   In fact the so-called "new age", which is an umbrella expression for many directions and paths, has been riddled with commercialism and even blatant greed from the start. It's just a business, no better than every other greedy enterprise. This includes the Pagan part of it. A business wanting to sell as much as possible of everything, not necessarily what people need, but what they need us to buy, creating an inflated demand to successfully increase the supply.
   New Age, for me, has always been about succeeding in society, in the thoroughly unjust and destructive society. Personal growth is associated with commercial success and a successful "career". You have to be a valued member of established society to truly be a part of the New Age. In other words: A major part of what should have been a truly rebellious lifestyle is as alternative as a decomposed piece of an accountant's book: The fact that it is decomposed contains a degree of positive elements, but nothing to write home about really.
   There shouldn't have been a book in the first place.



   By the way… Did I mention that neo-paganism has a staggering amount of incredibly positive aspects? ;) Especially the wild, dark and anarchistic part of it, the attempts to renew humanity's ancient contact with Nature, with The Hunter, The Hunger inside.

   This is a site for witches who don't want to appease society, but to oppose it, throw it away like the garbage it is and build a new one.






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