The concept of the witch is ancient, from long before there was a name for it.
   Witches were "mystics" long before any such label was "necessary".
   There has always been a need for people living apart. Even in the ancient, tribal hunter-gatherer societies, where there were no contradiction between being an individual and being a part of the tribe that was true.
   They were Hunters and warriors, creators and tellers of stories. They communed with spirits and they led the tribe into the Unknown.
   In the middle ages a process started already in the early agricultural societies reached a bloody climax. "Members" of a diluted form of witchcraft were hunted down and killed, burned and executed by the christian church. The scant survivors called it The Burning Times and wowed "never again".
   But today many witches have forgotten the harsh lessons of The Burning Times.
   Today "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live" is painted on walls once again.



   Christians portray witches as the devil's servants.
   A substantial number of modern witches enjoy portraying themselves as saints and believe/claim that should be the norm for every witch, every one, everyone else.
   In other words: They, like the christians believe in the good of suppressing major parts of human nature. Hatred, anger and rage, what is seen as negative emotions have no place in the life of a witch. Some wiccans (even if that's more rare) are also denying passion and lust, making them even more equal to christians…
   The concept of The Raging Witch is ancient. The Witch when seeing injustice and intolerance unfold threw a fit of rage and if sufficiently powerful, made knots of the offending parties. The rage often enhanced the witch' power, as strong emotions are said to do. They were told to be aware of the potential dangers of The Rage, but not to keep it pent up inside.
   The fact is: The "harm none" and "the rule of three" is just another adaptation of christian lore and has nothing to do with ancient human Life. These slogans, beliefs throughout history have in fact harmed many, just as effectively and perhaps even more so than the striking of a blow. I see it as a sort of appeasement to be more easily accepted in a society where christian morals are dominating. Most of today's witches are, after all brought up on those morals. The seeds of continued slavery are sown in an early age. And they in turn, are visiting the same attitude of servitude upon their children.
   The origin of the phrase The Left Hand Path is surely based partly on prejudice against left-handed people.
   We are human beings, not lambs or sheep, and as human beings we should Live, not be content to exist in a prison of our own making.
   Emotion, passion in all forms is vitality. Without vitality there isn't Life.
   Modern society is destroying everything making Life worth Living. We should not aid it in that endeavor. We should all be enraged by it. A thousand year's Rage isn't enough. Or a million. Not as long as the Machine is still working, still claiming new, fresh victims every fucking second of the day.
   And destroying Life on Earth.





Book of Shadows