Eyes of Shadows



I'm standing outside, looking in
I'm looking through the window
At the fires without
(there 's no window)
I'm standing outside
I'm looking through the window
At the fires within
(there's only open air)

Amos Keppler
Moondance Fires



Moondance Fires



   The pages of the book are turning rapidly in the wind, the gathering Storm.

   First of all; this is a book of Witches.
Of shadows within and without.

   It's not about any particular type
of witch, but rather one or ones
embracing the diversity of Life.

   Not those who want to exclude
certain paths because she or he find
it unpleasant.

   It's not about the kind of witch
walking quietly to the gas-chamber.

   If you're looking for a typical
non-threatening Wicca page,
please go elsewhere.

   Fear of discovery may clutch your
closed off heart.

Glowing Pentacle

Glowing Pentacle

   And there's more. There's always more.
The Shadow is not really a shadow.

   There are two books. One written by
the witch and one that's writing itself.
They're similar and the same.
   Though the one written by The Shadow
will always be more detailed, more clear,
more clouded.

   Reality is shifting constantly and the words
are shifting, too, sometimes merely a bit,
sometime a lot.

   I'm not really writing in this book, as much
as experiencing what I'm writing.

   The Craft, the Life is vast and interesting
beyond words.
  So much to see, so much to be.

   And there are many pages, telling itself.      

Lillith, the Mother of Demons, is      

standing in the small room, inside the mist, reading her own mind, just a few of many possible selections,

turning the pages of the Book of Shadows...  




Magick dust (sort of), illuminating the path.





   Many people, including a few witches are afraid of their own shadow...

The Shadow is the real us...



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