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   It's what witches do, bringing what's inside to the outside, revealing what may be hidden. Every Witch is writing a book, an account, a story, of Life as he or she sees it, of the body, of the soul. From the physical world, and the one Beyond. Words and experience to be read with eyes, without eyes. On paper or a monitor - or without words, reading between the lines and in the non linear twilight of Night and Fire, the extended reality not easily seen, substance on the edge of consciousness.

   Every Witch have one. In her lap, in his Core, a Book of Shadows...


Glowing Pentacle


Glowing Pentacle


Glowing Pentacle


Find Fire, find proof, that the human spirit is still alive! Experience the Joke of Civilization, the Joke we all play on ourselves.



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Book of Shadows

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of a world insane.

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