The power is not in the cards...



The power is not really in the hands.



But it is in the flesh, in the mind, the depth of Life.





   Using the Tarot deck is like using the crystal ball, a technique, a technique of The Seer, the precognitive, a process between the reader and the read to gain knowledge and perhaps wisdom.

   I do readings for free. I don't charge money for anything connected to myself as a witch.

   I basically use the less traditional decks, without the devil and such, mostly Pagan decks. But since most of them, in my opinion is "too nice" and are avoiding life's more unpleasant sides, I've taken some liberties and is devising, developing my own interpretations. As I said it's just a technique anyway, a way of working the craft, accessing the power within.



The Power of Life unbound.

Life is the Power Supreme.



Book of Shadows