The Wanderer's Book

   The Sea, The Land, The All are there for The Wanderer.


The Sea



   There's an ancient legend about a book, where you may find answers to all your questions.
   While seeking outwards, you're also seeking inwards. To seek within is no hindrance to seek without.
   Everybody is seeking Freedom, even those who aren't aware of it. But when the change to actually achieve it, is suddenly appearing, many turn away because they fear The Abyss opening beneath them. Some are seeking it harder, more decisive than others. And when the path reveals itself, they grow even more eager, because this is something they've sought their entire life.
   You walk through a city or a forest, virtually any city or forest really, but it should be a foreign city or forest, because familiarity breeds routine and routine is never a great starting point when it comes to seeking the unknown or the known unknown.
   You're walking through a foreign city. It might not be anything special, at least not by the first glance. The streets look boring, people ordinary.
   One step to the side, an incursion into a dark alley might be sufficient. Everything changes. You're experiencing something, something emotional or physical or a bit of both. The world doesn't change, but your view of the world has changed, profoundly, as if by Magick. But most of all you have changed. You've seen yourself in a distorted mirror and you know you're so much more than what you've known. The world is bigger, you're infinitely More.
   Normal society can never give you this sense, this certainty. You may be experiencing this "revelation" within the boundaries of established society, but what makes it different is your experience of being Alive. You may sit on the bus a boring day on your way to work and yet glimpse the Eternal and Infinite, but it's not very likely, unless the job is purely temporary and you've been living a life filled with Hunger, and hunted, hungered for what a pisspot boring 9 to 5 life can't give you. If you're looking you may find another piece of the infinite you're looking for while sitting on your couch at home, as long as you're still looking, because what you're really doing, speaking in purely fundamental terms, is sitting there and looking through a book full of mirrors. The only thing you're seeing on every page, is yourself.
   We seek knowledge on our Long Walk. But true knowledge can never be given you by others. It must be experienced, on a personal level, by each and every human.
   Many portraying themselves as different aren't really. They're merely play-acting, as with a hobby, something one does when doing something else.
   What they, (among other things), don't get is that all this have an enormous practical significance. One Who Seek can never passively, uncritically repeat the words and actions of others, can never accept established truths about society's perfection and similar. To think differently is to think independently. To live like most others in the present day society is the same as not living any better than the sheep on the farm (and sheep aren't okay animals).
   We seek knowledge on the never ending walk. Perhaps we're even a bit stupid sometimes, by seeking and reading ancient, dusty books. Glimpses of wisdom may come that way, but never anything decisive, never Total and Non-Compromising Freedom.
   When you're turning the pages of the Wanderer's Book you're of course seeing only one thing there and one thing only:





Book of Shadows