The Invisible Labyrinth









   The Invisible Labyrinth is there. You can't see it, but every step you take you take on its path. It's vast beyond anything currently seen as the "normal" world, what today passes for "reality".
   It is Reality… and it's eternal and infinite, without beginning, without end.
   For a very long time it has been described as a path magickians and witches has to take in order to move beyond their initiation. Of course they do, since they can never choose to stay in the mundane, limited world: It's contradicting to their very nature.
   Some say you can only understand a labyrinth while looking at it from above. This is one more stupid advice given to children born into civilization, limiting and cruel to all seekers. No, the best way to understand the world is to experience it from the inside, becoming a part of it. This is Magick, this is the Power of witches, The One whom without all the other, minor powers are insignificant.




   There's a haze in front of you, and it's moving as you move, flying as you fly. Merely physical movement isn't sufficient. There must be Fire as well. What's inside must move outside.
   If you squint your eyes a little, if you open them wide, perhaps it isn't invisible at all. It is a maze where you will find secrets and Life, but it's not difficult to find:


   We're born into it.


Book of Shadows