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It's like those old bans, issued by the church and also by more recent overt oppressive governments.

Those banned shall not be heard, not be seen, not be talked about, even in whispers.

And those speaking their cause shall suffer the same fate.

Whales, wolves, honest wild humans, it's all the same.


"We're mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore".
Howard Beale


   We're moving like ghosts through life, and the minor parts of life reaching us in our stupor, are also ghostly, wraithlike, distorted. Magick is removed, Life is removed.

   Why don't people react, focus their anger and throw off the yoke? What's wrong with us?

   There are strays breaking away from the herd, of course, but the shepards are there immediately to steer him or her back to his or her designated position. The system, developed through centuries, through millennia, to serve the current rulers, is a very efficient tool of oppression. We're taught from birth, to obey, to submit to every possible indignity, suffer the worst of fates, without even raising a finger. The fourth, supporting estate is an important part of the ongoing brainwashing. Humanity is difficult to "manage". The brainwashing needs constant reinforcement, to keep working. All our senses are screaming at us: THIS IS WRONG! So our senses are dulled, our will is shattered, to keep us docile, merely puppets dancing on strings, not living, thinking and acting Human Beings.

   But there's unrest...


Where are the tyrants hiding their faces?


   Page 1 of a newspaper is where the most important news is supposed to be, the stories, the occurrences that will have the most impact on a given local community, or/and the world at large. If this has ever been the case, it's a long, long time ago. Rather the really important, essential information is buried in obscurity, somewhere in the paper where there is less change of anyone reading it. Or at 9.28 in the Nine O'clock news on television, just before the weather, when everybody is eating their evening supper (in the kitchen). Or it is reported, but careful wording or often to the contrary sensationalism, is used to lessen the actual message. This is the true lack of freedom concerning the "flow" of information. The truth is out there, easily found, but sneaky illusionists are keeping us from understanding the message on the wall right in front of us. If someone is attempting to reveal an unpleasant truth, or two, they're censored. You don't have to put people in jail to suppress free speech.
   Today the time of the obvious, blatant dictator or dictatorship is past. In the new, still emerging brave new world, there is and will be a much sneakier, velvet-glove tyranny, giving the masses the illusion of participation, of freedom. By not having to resort to overt threats to ensure their cooperation, the janitors at the top will have it far easier in their prevalent quest for control.

   Welcome to PageOne, a site closely interrelated to The Weekly Report.

   While The Weekly Report is almost exclusively reported news (albeit a few background pages), though, this will feature longer articles, eventually a lot of them, a message board/discussion forum, a growing ring of radical environmental websites.
   The ring is membership oriented, including sharing of banners and such. The rules are few but simple: It must be about radical environmentalism, or closely related to it. Both philosophical and informative sites will do. It doesn't have to have a stamp on it saying "environmentalism", if you get my drift. No commercial sites or sites with commercials will be accepted. Many pagan sites, for instance, I'm sorry to report, are used as a front for commercial venture, in the guise of being "a pagan resource site". For the time being I've decided to accept sites with inhouse commercial links like geocities, tripod, nbci and such. There is at best difficult, to find a freesite without commercial banners of some kind.
   And no racism. If somebody feels the solution to humanity's major trouble is to eradicate all the niggers, palefaces or crooked eyes on the planet, they should express it somewhere else, preferably from the grave.
   The goal is to create a place where we can create a place where the current society is rejected, where we're discussing radical solutions, not whether or not there's a need for them. There is! End of story! The moderator does have the power to reject submissions to the message board and even if he will loathe doing so, he will use that power. If things are really growing beyond all expectations, there might eventually be a need for more moderators. The webmaster will appoint them as the need arises.
   The goal is to create a public forum not destroyed by people which goal is to subvert any form of radical discussion and action, both off and on the World Wide Web. Newsgroups like, talk.environment and similar have been crippled for years by people who are opposed to the very reason for such places to exist. They don't believe anything is fundamentally wrong or they have ties to commercials interests. To them things are going well, present day humanity is doing well. Some may admit, if pushed that there are a few snags, but nothing major to worry about.







   To those among you that haven't partaken in newsgroup or public discussion on the web, I assure you that there are a lot of people out there who will do everything in their power, for various reasons, to sabotage any effort. A few simple lines of preparation, protection, are simply a necessity.


   Essential in a place where the goal is to exchange thoughts, ideas, stories, solutions about a world turned insane long ago.
   Information is good, but not sufficient. Knowledge is slightly better, but no use without Understanding and Awareness. We're talking about grasping the big picture here, or at least attempting to.

   If you have a web site and want it to be a part of it all put up one of three banners below and link to this page. Write me a message, including your link and a short description of your web-site, and I'll get back to you (usually) in a day or two. If your site is accepted I'll put up your link on the "members" page. And please don't be afraid of rejection. If you're in doubt send me your submission. ;)
   You don't have to have a web site to participate, of course. Sending me articles for me to publish (either written by you or someone else) and partake in the discussion on the message board or freezing a factory in its tracks, will be fine, too.
   We can always use another rebellious site, though...




   This is the Page One Main Page (stuck in frames?).

   Ongoing Transformation and Metamorphosis started.
FIRST WAVE: 2000-12-08, 352. Night 12055 by the end of the year of The Abyss.

SECOND WAVE: 2001-05-25, 155. Night 12056 in the first year in the time of the Twilight Storm.

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