Lies and Counter Intelligence of an Insane Society

By Amos Keppler 1998, 310. night 12053
In the third year of The Crimson Tide.

   The Internet, with its many ways of communicating, is virtually the only medium today where there is a free exchange of information. There are very few means of censorship and none that actually works. This fact becomes even more valuable, in a world where there are no other public quorums where free will may be expressed without great... difficulties.

   In the world at large the propaganda of the corporation and the nation, both equally wrong, runs rampant and is impossible to turn off completely, just like George Orwell foresaw in his 1948 published novel «1984». The world did reach such a critical stage well before the year 1984 became a reality... and the situation has only worsened since then. Video cameras are put up everywhere, we’re in virtually brilliant ways «forced» to police ourselves.
   Different and thereby independent notions and expressions, are rare and far between.

   But the World Wide Web is something unexpected, something wild, a necessary tool of the masters and servants grown beyond their control. A place of freedom within the system.
   It was of course only a question of time before they realized this, and the executives, the bosses, the servants and secret services, the anti bodies of civilization, began to take action.
   Their strategies are basically twofold:
   1: They take steps to deflect the more «unfortunate» manifestations of the WWW. This is a delicate and difficult operation, though, since too much interference may seriously obstruct economic realities needed to further plunder The Earth. As long as civilization, «(living in) city states», persists, Internet is here to stay.
   2: They attempt to take over The Net from within. By stalking newsgroups like, alt.society.anarchy and countless other places where rebels seek and find others like themselves, and sabotage it with their brainless propaganda, they disrupt the flow of information and many a rebel, many an independent soul, may turn disillusioned away.
   And thus, the aim is reached.

   Fortunately, though, there are many fires and even if they just may be embers sometimes, they’re never completely extinguished. Because this is what all the «associates» really are doing: They attempt do push down the lid of the boiling kettle, putting out the flames with gasoline. They’re doomed to fail! They know this and it frustrate them to desperate ends.
   And Earth and Life here loses.

More examples of the unholy work of the Associate Industry Lobbyists, would be welcome and used.


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