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It's like those old bans, issued by the church and also by more recent overt oppressive governemnts.

Those banned shall not be heard, not be seen, not be talked about, even in whispers.

And those speaking their cause shall suffer the same fate.

Whales, wolves, honest wild humans, it's all the same.


"To celebrate wilderness was to celebrate the wolf;
       to want an end to wilderness and all it stood for was to want the wolf's head".

Barry Lopez - Of Wolves and Men


   Norway 2001-03-18


   Wolf number 5,6,7 and 8 (of 9) has been killed in the Oesterdalen Valley, Norway during the last few days, all with a shotgun from a chopper. The protesters are slowing down the "hunt" and making it more expensive, but they're not stopping it. The "hunt" has already cost 3 million Norwegian Kroner, twice as much as originally stipulated. Forces within the government has pushed heavily for the "hunt" to be completed during what to this point has been deemed a "fiasco hunt" and we see the result this weekend.
   Two protesters chaining themselves to the hangar door, where the Pegasus chopper is placed during the night, were earlier today promptly removed and arrested by the police.
   While the locals are cheering the "hunters" on, leaving poisoned meat for the wolf to find and even attacking the protesters, the "hunt" has caused people all over the world to send letters expressing dismay and disgust to the Norwegian Government. It seems clear that next time Norwegian representatives are attempting to stop the killing of tigers and elephants in Africa and Asia their word will not carry much weight.
   A lot of "undeveloped" nations are at least attempting to protect their endangered species… while the Norwegian government are actively sponsoring and participating in the eradication of Wolf, Bear, Whale and Lynx.

   Norway 2001-03-10


   The researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research want to kill 60 dolphins. They've sent an application to this affect to the Ministry of Fisheries. This quite… puzzling bits of news reached us recently and we proceeded to find out why these people would want to kill all the dolphins.
   - We know so little about these two particular subspecies of dolphins and we want to find out more about them.
   - In other words you want to kill 60 living beings because of curiosity?
   - … Well, yes. They're not threatened by extinction or something, so it shouldn't be a problem.
   - Some people may say it's a problem that a person or a group of person want to kill of living beings because of curiosity?
   - I don't see it that way. They eat a lot of fish and…
   - This particular group of people or the dolphins?
   SLAM (the sound of the representative from the institute hanging up).
   That's it, the interview in a nutshell. There was more, but this covers most of it, the essentials, so to speak. We can only conclude that the institute doesn't want an open debate on the matter.

   Norway 2001-02-19

   The first of the nine wolves "scheduled" to be shot, a female, was shot dead by official hunters in the Oesterdalen Valley today. The shot was made from 100 meters away. The female was one of nine, of the so called "Atndals-pack", all scheduled for termination.
   People all over the world are asked to boycott meat from norwegian sheep, to not come to the Oesterdalen Valley as tourists. The goal is to make the farmers pay financially for their desire to eradicate the wolf. Sheep is in general a threat to predators like Bear, Lynx, Wolf and others. Domestic animals and concerns surrounding them should no longer be allowed to be used as an excuse, a pretext to kill off the predators. Domestic sheep is basically human made and as humans we should decide to stop their disruptive influence.


   Norway 2001-02-07    The Wolves in the Osterdalen Valley must die. This was the message from the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment Wednesday. The so-called Atndals-pack and a couple in Imsdalen, nine wolves altogether, are scheduled for termination in the hunt starting Saturday. The Ministry of the Environment denied an appeal filed after the initial decision in The Directorate of Administration of Nature earlier. According to the directorate and the ministry they've decided to go through with the hunt "to protect sheep and other domestic animals in the area".

   Willing to go to prison

   A group of 20 protesters is willing to go to prison to stop the hunt. They will act as living shields between the hunters and the wolves.
   - We can't just sit still and watch this happen, protester Svein Sorli says.




   Norway 2001-01-15

   The Norwegian Ministry of the Environment will in February decide whether or not wolves shall be shot and subsequently how many. Several environmental organizations have stated that they will appeal a shooting decision and therefore the ball will eventually find its way to the Norwegian minister of Environment Siri Bjerke.
   In related news it's now clear that the wolf cub found dead in September was poisoned, the Veterinarian Institute in Trondheim is stating in a brief.
   The mayor Erling Myhre of the now well known infamous county of Rendalen in the Osterdalen valley, where the two wolf-tribes are at risk, has issued a warning to his constituents to not let themselves be interviewed by journalists. He says "there will be a lot of heat" during a shooting and that the entire community easily could be seen as "backwards" and "rural crackpots" and "wolf-haters" to the unenlightened outside world. Myhre has for years argued for "a complete eradication of Wolves on Norwegian soil".



   Norway 2000-12-13

   Public and private broadcasting companies showed two anti wolf "newscasts" Wednesday, where two wolves had broken into a barn and killed two sheep. The big, bad wolf must evidently be cut down with any means necessary. The government that recently announced a chopper hunt to kill off two packs in the Osterdalen valley may give the final go-ahead at any time.

   Write directly to:

   Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

   E - Mail:

   Or E-Mail to cure the cute minister of environment, Siri Bjerke:

   That should be sufficient (to reach him. To stop it, tons of letters are needed). To stop such things a completely different society is needed.




   Norway 2000-12-02

   Another wolf was "hit by the train" yesterday...

   The group of influential people in Norway, who want to exterminate all predators and "bothersome" animals, is about to gain the upper hand. After an announced survey designed to support official politics, every individual of two packs of wolves, frequenting the Osterdalen valley, will be shot. Commercial interests and supporters have long sought to complete the genocide of the Norwegian/Swedish wolf.
   Pelt farming is continuing and is enjoying financial support from public funds, in spite of the obvious ongoing torture. Foxes "live" their entire life in tiny cages, "running" miles a day on net, running their paws raw. As all animals in current society they're treated as commodities, not living beings, though even a bit worse than most others. A recent court ruling says that even if pelt farming is "morally questionable" it's not illegal.
   Another publicly selected board has concluded that all cats should be either castrated or sterilized within a five- year limit. Wild cats should be something confined to the murky past. The board states that the public increasing irritation "with the problems caused by ownerless cats should be addressed immediately". Owners will also be required to mark the ear of their cats, "to ensure and apply blame when a cat is causing irritation and unrest". Politicians and public servants would certainly claim that Norway is in the forefront among the world's nations in dealing with bothersome animals, and they would doubtlessly be correct.
   The only place animals seem to be allowed is as polite, groomed, well-behaved pets or meat supply... or in laboratories, where they under various pretences, are held captive and tortured, "to benefit humanity as a whole". Of course one might want to question whether such acts are really a benefit to humanity, whether they're not really exposing our disregard for nature, our disregard for life in general, whether it's human or animal.
   But not many seem to ask those important questions.
   Multibillion-dollar enterprises like medical companies and developers of fragrances and perfume all over the world are increasing the use of test-animals annually. Current human society has changed over 50 percent of the world to something unrecognizable by natural standards. The world oceans contain major "dead" areas, where there is little or no life. We're surrounded by industrial chemicals. Some would claim that we've made ourselves lab rats. Perhaps not so strange then that we're treating all life as something to be filed away in textbooks and history lessons.

   Norway 1999-12-17

   Another bear killer was found not guilty in Norway recently. The sheep farmer was even judged worthy of compensation by the court, as they found the man not guilty, «because the bear threatened the man’s sheep».
   Norway has signed the Biodiversity treaty and have a obligation to protect the variety of animal species, including predators hunting domestic animals. Critical voices are commenting that «there is, as usual, a huge difference between words on paper and reality».
   In related news, a norwegian court has once again judged that pelt farming is legal, though «ethical dubious».

I'm suggesting that you go straight to the top with this one. Write to the norwegian prime minister and complain.


   The wolf is virtually extinct in norway. For many years now, the only wolves we’ve got, came «visiting» from sweden. No beast (fortunately) recognizes borders drawn on a map.
   This pack in question this time, has apparently settled down in friendly norway, and is, as far as I know, the only ones to do so, for quite some years. It’s feared by the usual bunch of humans terrified of Wild Nature, that it will grow to be hundred wolves in ten years in the hospitable environment in eastern norway, if not conclusive action is taken.
   If only it could be true.
   These people fear for their sheep, for their children. They claim empathy with nature, but is afraid of it every breath they wheeze. They blame predators and (Nature) for everything they possibly can. Make no mistake, their fear guaranties Extinction. They have expressed this themselves many times.
   My suggestion to you, reading this, is that you write to these good people and express your anger in a calm, somewhat polite, but aggravated manner. You cannot write to them all, since the area is crawling with their kind. But you can contact their representatives, their representation, who so eagerly support their cause.

Write to:

Rendalen kommune
c/o Erling Myhre
Rendalen kommunehus
2530 Ovre Rendal


Stor - Elvdal kommune
Storg. 120
2480 Koppang

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