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The True Current Events Cornerstone



   From blablabla dictionary:

   Premeditated. Planning of future event. Premeditated murder/crime. Planning of murder. Murder not done in affect, but planned well in advance and with a full knowledge of consequences, executed in "cold blood".


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   There are very few accidents in the modern world.
   Many are blaming misfortune or accidents when faced with present day tragedies. But this is really a way of thinking, more attuned to older times, when people slipped on a wet rock and broke a leg or was hit by a falling tree during thunderstorms and such.
   Today, with an abundance of technology surrounding us, with the use of cars and mass transport systems like busses, trains, ships and planes the word "accident" seem more than a bit wrong, more like propaganda than the actual explanation for any given occurrence. Big, complex systems like power plants, factories, office-buildings are a "hotbed" of probabilities for something to go wrong. Ask a simple question: How many times must the same (type of) accident happen, in exactly the same way, until it's no longer called an accident?
   A factory is build. And something is indeed wrong from the very beginning. It's making dangerous products both as main and waste products. It's leaking chemicals and poisons from day one, intentionally, compounds, which release is deemed "within acceptable parameters". And when major spills occur, they call it an accident. Or if it isn't big enough to call attention to itself they call it an "incident". Translation: Also a spill "within acceptable parameters".
   A house with wings is flying high above the ground. Its like is flying millions of people daily. Is it an accident when its like is crashing and people are killed? Cars are moving with close to hundred kilometers an hour. Is a collision an accident? Are deaths accidents? What about big ferries? Fires in big buildings, people falling from high structures? People being poisoned from the thousands of new dangerous chemicals introduced in our lives during the 20th century?
   Of course not. The reason we call them thus, is that we've been taught the buzzwords of technology, of civilization. We're taught to endlessly fool ourselves. There are, of course, very few accidents in the world, as it pertain to life, by the start of the 21st century (christian, western time-frame). Accidents are happenings that come suddenly, virtually from out of the blue, impossible to predict and are seldom repeated in exactly the same way. What is happening in a society "enjoying" advanced technology is that people know that there will be deaths, there will be injuries and still nothing substantial is done to keep it from happening. I won't use the word "accident" here. I'll call s spade a spade and say premeditated. Premeditated murder, premeditated suicide? You take your pick. I would say all of the above.
   Civilization is a crawling space for "accidents", death by design, suffering by design. And they say its good for us...


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These people, these groups of people, are not the exception, they are the norm.

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