The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone



- web of lies from

- the perceived seekers of truth

This is true Current Events. Focusing on events from the frontline of the ongoing war in the world today... also fought, on behalf of the tyrants, by the fourth, supporting estate. If you haven't learned to read between the lines by now, you should do it as soon as possible. One thing is being lied to, another thing alltogether is being stupid enough to believe them, the lies and the liars. Telling us that they're something they're not, tricking us into the belief that we're something we're not.

   The media looooove to present itself as a the fourth corrective estate, but they're not. Of course not! It's a sham, a hoax. They're working in tandem with the seven other estates to better subjugate people. We in this particular editorial office :) prefer to call a spade a spade, and call them the supporting estate.

  They manage, somehow, to present the most threatening of "news" in a non threatening way. Presented as you see this, the true Current Events, however, the picture may tilt a bit, just a bit, towards the scary and the dangerous...


And in case you're wondering who and what the eight eSTATES are:

They're the law giving power (parliament).

The executive power ("traditional" government).

The judging power (the courts of law).

The media power
(the eSTATE supportive of all the others).

The Propaganda power
(public and private commercials).
working in tandem with the other media)

The religious power
(especially designed to keep the sheep grassing).
The opium for the people.

The guardian power
(the police, the watchmen, guardians of Law and Order)
The "strongarm" of Society.
The certified bully.

The trading power
(merchants, corporations, the certified destroyers).

The military Might (the last defense and illusion).

I've cited eigth, but there's really a ninth (an eight and a half):

The working "power"
The one, single power, which without, all the others would be void.
A Slave wishes to be a slave

They're all really ONE, anyway

A slave wishes to be a master, and the masters are the greatest slaves of all.


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