Midnight Fire


There is no objective reality, only a personal one we’ve agreed to share.

By the same token:

There is no objective reality, only a personal one we agree to share...


   WE, Children of The Midnight Fire salutes you. You have arrived here from Far Away, fought long and hard, tooth and nail, to get here. You have reached this place of magick and antiquity through a long chain of coincidences and circumstances. Or... you, poor soul, just dropped in by accident and feel sudden perspiration all over your body. You might stay anyway and become pleasantly surprised.

   There’s a lot here, a whole Arena for you all. Lots and lots of different pages, a poetic description (if you will) of, a dedication to, the human relationship with nature and the parts of reality we do not immediate perceive with our senses and today’s narrow perspective of Life.

   It’s an educated guess imagining the world as it was, as it is and therefore as it will be. As it will be again, a few years from now, when the decease, the wound, of technology and civilization is «banished». I know, I know, we use technology, too. We don’t believe in retreating from the world no matter how bad it is (and it is bad). Besides, The Internet, with its anarchy and freedom, is not totally without interest to us. And we don’t think civilization will necessarily banish itself. We hope so, of course, but don’t bet on it. Modern society should be undermined, chipped away at, destroyed by every possible means. This is a small contribution in that regard, but free extradition of information should never be sneered at. (As it is today).

   Of course it’s the people ensnared in the world of today who is most retreating from «The World». In other words, by actively participating in society and all its «wonder» a person potentially free, will limit herself or himself and hers/his perceptions. More people who call themselves rebels should take this to Heart: A system cannot be reformed, it cannot be effectively attacked by someone working inside it, it can only be destroyed by someone who is not a part of it. Those who join the system, also they who join it to change it, do very soon become an integral part of it and are soon precisely a mirror image of what they hated and despised just a few years earlier. Bad choice.

   Of course there are an increasing conviction by acute observers today that the system soon is going to gloriously collapse by itself. But we do not know that for certain. It doesn’t hurt to help it along. Help it along a huge bit.

   Everything on this Arena is really «environment» - related, one way or another. Some of it are very concrete and «down to earth» while some pages deals with the more «spiritual» aspect of the big bad picture. We are so far removed from the world today, from ourselves, that we cannot see the whole picture. We are so far away from home all of us, so very far. In short: We cannot see the forest for all the trees. There are so many symptoms of the disease. The many different forms of pollution, debasement of life, lack of freedom, injustice etc... There are some attacks on these symptoms, totally ineffective because they only address a very small part of what’s really wrong and don’t attack the root of the problem. William Blake hit the mark right on when he wrote that some people only see the world through the narrow chinks of their cavern...

   The disease, decease (if you will), is society itself!

   This is not some of the usual intellectual bullshit, but the hard facts of life as they pertain to human beings at the end of the 20th century (western, christian time). And it’s first and foremost about life, in all its myriads of forms. A life free from censorship and restraints. Words and thoughts though important, are nothing without what naturally follows. You grasp that you are free and you are. But then you must act on it. If not, the freedom becomes something hollow and meaningless. Let will and action be in harmony. Change occur in the conformity of the will.


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