Diary of a
Travelling Man

Amos Keppler 1961 - 1997


To the years 1994 - 1997

Eyes Blue

The year 1997 - and Beyond

Traveling Man - Spring 1997

I write this on the train to Munich:
In Quantum Physics, if it holds any water,(and I believe there may be some merit to it), the observer is said to chance what is observed. If we (for the sake of simplicity) transfer this into human terms, what does it entail? Is it the collective subconscious of the human species, is it those strongest of will... or something else altogether?

I’m in Brindisi, Italy, town of greed. Everything here is done with the thought in mind that the place is transit harbor, the port, to Greece and Eastern Mediterranean. You will feel so welcome here that you‘ll want to gag, even before you’ve breathed in the smell of palms. To have a command of English here (compared to the rest of Italy), is obviously a gold mine. It might not be so strange considering the shape (or lack of it) the rest of the district. I’m again reminded, of the secret, The Bluff of Civilization: It’s all ruins and nothing but. A ruin camouflaged as a place made for living.
But I wonder, is this The Picture of the future? A ultra fast, effective world, where insanity is just further developed, along an ever steeper rise.

Who observe and change the world? I believe I’ve found the answer. It is by those with curiosity and imagination. They change what they observe, they’re the princes of the Universe.
But... something has at some point or another gone horribly wrong. Curiosity is steered, imagination is suppressed and looked upon with envy and suspicion. It’s become increasingly obvious that dreamer or dreamers at some point (or another), has taken a look at their mirror image and not found it at all to their liking. Everything is more or less corrupted and «perverted». Power is no longer without guilt. And the power - hungry who dream, they prefer it that way.
They want Control to not be an illusion and stake their life, their infinite souls, that it is so... And they stake ours. They’ve become so clever in their game that they always seem to have that little, essential head - start. That’s bull, of course, they don’t have, when you come right down to it, a lead in anything, but try to tell that to a four year old Dreamer. The poor creature has everything against itself. Brainwashed «parents», Kindergarten, school, adult life. Even the strongest give in to brainwashing sooner or later. During the first years of «adult» work most give in. Most, but not all.
The real power is free thought and free action, acting in unison. «Human Beings are deep wells of energy, immense reservoirs of force, the force of life, determined to subdue matter». Even if I agree with the quote, I think it’s slightly off base. We’ve no need to subdue or conquer anything, because in a very real sense, we did, long time ago. We’ve forgotten and suffer the loss of knowledge we still know. In a very disturbing way that’s one of the biggest schizophrenic stupidities around. And there are a lot of them. The madmen are running the asylum, that’s common knowledge. The worst of it all, of course, is that it was never any need for a hospital in the first place. There is not, there never will be.
That’s the «reality» behind the dream, fading into a nightmare. One so bad, so monstrous that we could never imagine it. But it is one of our own making.
So it should be easy then, to undo? We may have risen and fallen so many times now that we just is able to touch the ash, not the fire. But I don’t believe that for more than an instant and neither should you. Because in that instant it may be an eternity, and it that eternity itself is... (Yes, you know) just less than an instant of the eternal life and fire.
Yes, call this New Age Mumbo Jumbo. I do, too. Because this is just words and they can never hope to sufficiently describe the immaterial. Only action and experience can do that. But there’s a reality behind them. One single truth that is no truth: Phoenix will always rise again, because (in real life) Phoenix has never truly fallen.
The existence that is life, is an infinite cycle. It may criss and cross many times before it never is done. It will «always» cross back to its own beginning. Nothing is forgotten in the infinite cycle since nothing is ever remembered. Nothing is ever remembered since nothing is truly forgotten, just hidden or misplaced, discovered in new and exciting ways. Thus are memory and thus are human.
Yes, to me, humanity is very easy to explain. We’re made of what may be one, single contradiction: We’re the «ant» contemplating the Universe and we’re the Universe contemplating the ant.
Thus remain one thing and one thing only. For everything and everybody to be in full order and finally and unquestionable (to be) explained, I’ll repeat my 3 fundamental rules:

Rule 1: There are no contradictions!
Rule 2: If a contradiction should appear, refer to rule 1...
Rule 3: The are no rules, only viewpoints,
and those views are Legion!

Amos Keppler - «current end product»
Brindisi 93.day 12052
In the second year in the time of The Crimson Tide




   It has begun...
   I Journeyed in January, started in earnest on my infinite Growth. I visited friends. I found friendship, Life and Fire. I played poker and won in high stakes. And upon my return to my temporary home, my "brief-home" I started working on the publishing of the Norwegian edition of my novel "Dreams Belong to the Night". In March the final edition was ready for printing.


  April 30, 2002
  My first public novel


   I had to publish it myself, on my own label, but that isn't truly bad. It's a bad for a society already steeped in shit and censorship and tyranny, but not for me personally. I had complete control and could print whatever I wanted. Artistic freedom isn't just a word anymore.
   I was also prepared for the method society uses to ignore what I can't accept. It was either that or massive condemnation, and they know very well that all advertising is good advertising, and they haven't been willing to give that to me so far...
   Virtually no books have been distributed to ordinary bookstores. So censorship doesn't only work on the publishing side.
   But I was prepared for that, and I remain elated. 13 years of (my) life. Even though I have naturally done other things during that time, too, it has always been there with me, and it always will.



More from the journey is forthcoming.


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