Diary of a
Travelling Man

The Nomad... Today itís treated as an ancient concept. A concept exactly, not a reality, but something mankind has laid to rest long ago. A reality the mindset of modern society, civilization, conveniently encourage to stay dormant. Dormant it may be, but not gone, as they like to tell themselves, those who most of all represents one set of mind. This is a story of the nomad, one life or many, a story, an example, to show, to witness that the human spirit is not dead, that it is alive and kicking. It may be that it is dormant, that it is sleeping. When one take a good look at the so called civilized Man, one may be tempted, fooled, into believing just that. But you may be certain of one thing, you obedient sheep out there, you who have sacrificed freedom for safety, thrown away so easily your precious humanity: Whenever long any creature sleeps, itís destined one day or one night, to awaken. The dream has not ended. A manchild may attempt to close open eyes tight. Our dreams floats to the surface. Steam is leaking from under the pushed down lid of the heavy kettle.
This is of course just the beginning. This page will grow in detail and quantity in the months to come. It will expand till it covers months, years, lifes... There are journeys within journeys, both in the literal sense and within the mind and the soul. One man within many, many within one.

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