Eternal Struggle Eternal Struggle


Timeless, eternal, everywhere... A legend shrouded in mists of Time and Shadow. The oppressor and the oppressed both, can be certain of one simple fact: The Sherwood Forest exists!

It doesnít belong to any specific time or place. The fire and the night are always there whenever you look, wherever you go. Thereís one and there are many.

You cannot avoid any of it even if you try. And there are a lot of us that do try, doing our best to forget where we come from, where weíre going. To no avail. Nature cannot be chased away or forgotten. We may attempt to close our eyes before The Gathering Storm, but itís pretty useless, isnít it? And stupid, very stupid. The Storm doesnít stop or linger in its path just because we pretend it isnít there. Firesword" We were once one with the forces of the storm, of The Earth itself. It seems so far away now, in distance, days following days. But itís not. Weíve started to remember. Bits and pieces here and there, strands of night and fire. In a forest forever deep. Itís so very familiar to all of us. Only set in the one mold of the limited world of today, we may be lost. This is not fantasy, not illusion, but reality. ęOneĽ that cut deep. The fantasy, the illusion, the fraud, is the world of technology, of civilization.


Travel further into the Midnight Fire. You may get burned, but if you donít play with fire, youíll never feel any heat at all.

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Shield Against Gray