The face of Janus is far more than twofold.
The legend surviving to present day is quite lacking in detail,
compared to the realty of mankinds ancient ways.
The face of Janus is a rainbow of variety,
the spectre, the entire spectrum of Human Life.
  Nothing is beyond those who dwell in Shadow






   Here is David Berry with his long anticipated part six:




  Digging in mist

   The Janus Clan is a family of witches, a group of international subversives or a modern myth, or rather an urban legend, or all of the above, depending who you ask. Investigators have started digging into the more secretive parts of their life, as various family members have gained infamy. The writer and former journalist and Vietnam veteran Eric Carr was one of the first doing so after having met several of them in the early seventies. Carr is seen as a highly susceptible source by most commentators, though. What they deem highly speculative and exaggerations makes people see his nine books as more fiction than an accurate description of actual events. One more factor obscuring the issue (or issues). The public life of Ted Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Nick Warren, Mark Stewart and the rest is pretty clear-cut. Except for a few details their birth, their death and the rest in-between are pretty straightforward. It's what goes on behind closed doors or in the dark night, where there are no observers, we're not privy to.
   The Janus Clan lives their lives in obscurity and shadow.


"The city that never sleeps" before the Warrens descended on it.



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The text and clippings on this website
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I hope it will be known as the definitive authority
on The Janus Clan, on Phoenix Green Earth, their lives and struggle.

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