The face of Janus is far more than twofold.
The legend surviving to present day is quite lacking in detail,
compared to the realty of mankinds ancient ways.
The face of Janus is a rainbow of variety,
the spectre, the entire spectrum of Human Life.
  Nothing is beyond those who dwell in Shadow











   The primal scream is shaking walls, making the very air move, rocking the present day humans to their core.
   Many prefer to think of Homo Sapiens as a species who has left the wilderness behind, in favor of a safer, more contemplative existence in the high spheres of civilization. Actual reality, however, is making mincemeat of such a notion. There is the illusion, and there is the reality and those two diverging experiences are way different. The current leading forces within the human population wanted to leave wilderness behind, and to do that they built high walls to keep the storm, the fire, the boiling blood away from human society. And it has all been completely in vain. They have been doing crisis management ever since their first, feeble attempts ten thousand years ago. Man has attempted to leave the wilderness, but the wilderness has never left man. In the cities, the stone deserts violence has escalated beyond any former or reasonable level. Nature keeps returning to haunt mankind. And now, as its defenders claim that civilization has reached its peak, its heyday vengeance is coming for millennia of destruction, imprisonment and devaluation of Life. Our home is calling out to us, and we answer its call with an ever-growing ferocity. The Wild is ascending, returning in full to human consciousness, and no one may deny its call.


Below the surface the boiling point is never far off.



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The text and clippings on this website
are gathered from a number of sources and viewpoints.
I hope it will be known as the definitive authority
on The Janus Clan, on Phoenix Green Earth, their lives and struggle.

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