ShadowWalk by Amos Keppler

   446 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-12-5

   Release date October 31, 2011.

   This is, quite frankly the perfect Samhain/Halloween story.

   Sales price AUS $50, Europe 35 Euro, UK 30 Pounds US $42.50 (probably considerably less on most online stores). The novel is about 300 000 words, and would have been far more pages if I had used the spacing and font size most established publishers use.


   Rave reviews


   Some places you can buy this one and others, and description of other Amos Keppler novels

   If the store near you desn't have the book or claim that they can't order it for you, give them the author, title and ISBN number and insist that they order it. Several of the world's largest distributors offer the book. That means it will be available also in non-english speaking countries. If you, for instance live on continental Europe and your store has an English language book section (which most stores have today), it should most definitely be available there.

   Recently a potential reader had trouble with a store that said they couldn�t and wouldn�t and were downright unable to get the books. After quite a lot of persistence on his part the store agreed to contact Midnight Fire Media and when it did all possible confusion and misinterpretations the store and its employees had about Print on Demand, availability, independent publishers or anything were cleared up. Even their cluttered data was cleared up. What was a potential customer now is a very happy reader.





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            THE BOOK

   The world is changing. They know this, in their core of cores, where everything moves and shifts. Night and fire have followed them all the days of their lives.
   What they carry inside has always scared them, always intrigued them...
   They have always felt different, apart from the crowd. And here, now, they get the confirmation they have always wanted, always yearned for, that they are truly different, a breed apart. The metamorphosis begins. Their minds, their bodies are changing in shocking and unpredictable ways, as what's on the inside is brought to the outside. And as they themselves are changing they are also changing the world.
   Danger awaits them, Life awaits them, in the small, backward New England town. Magick and Mystery may be found beneath unturned stones.
   People, young and old are descending on the small, insignificant town of Northfield, New England.
   Boys and girls, students at the school of Life, Seekers, yearning for what's different, what's hidden.
   They're seeking within and without, high and low.
   And here, in this dusty, remote place they're finding it, turning the stone, finding the strength within themselves to be themselves, to break out of confines, to the world beyond. And in time, after the initial, tentative steps, pushing down paths new and undreamed of.
   And the present day order sees them for what they are... Agents of Change, a threat to any establishment, any imposed reality. The heatwave, the worst in living memory is nothing compared to the boiling within the human heart. The Indian Summer heralds the twilight of mankind.


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