The face of Janus is far more than twofold.
The legend surviving to present day is quite lacking in detail,
compared to the realty of mankinds ancient ways.
The face of Janus is a rainbow of variety,
the spectre, the entire spectrum of Human Life.
  Nothing is beyond those who dwell in Shadow






   By Gayle Tadero
   NOT a COMSAT exclusive!

   A number of articles, of "exposures" in recent years are signed by the name David Berry. They appear on television, in newspapers, as editorials, always attacking or ridiculing in some way or another minorities, rebellious voices or alternative lifestyles.
   Recently very revealing facts have begun to surface about this and other attempts to keep critical voices silent.
   Media is the fourth, supporting estate, supporting the other estates, supporting establishment, attacking alternative voices. Everybody using a bit of brain knows that. But this goes beyond even that. The entity called David Berry is one tool among many of a major consortium behind the COMSAT initiative. And the COMSAT initiative is just one of many arisen in the ultimate defense of establishment, of the people and positions at the top of the pyramid, of the hierarchy.
   There isn't truly a conspiracy, not if you don't count the entire society as one single mass of suppressive force. But there are various forces within that bigger picture focused on protecting the rights of the few at the top against those of the many at the bottom, and being very thorough and deliberate about it.
   Whether or not David Berry is exposed as a fraudulent identity, is, of course ultimately incidental, compared to the bigger picture it's suggesting. Most people of today take for granted the "truth" served by various public and private oracles around the world. They're not even questioning the simplest of lies, of illusions. An example of many of this, is that they're not reacting to the fact that Berry's signature is wholly electronic, a font, not even a scanned signature. The masters of the world have it easy, have had it easy for a long time. Information is hardly difficult to dig up. It just has to be done, by somebody, anybody. To get people to actually listen, to realize the elaborate scheme they're being subjected to, they're victims of is the hard part. To get them to react even harder.
   The information is there for all to read, and understand. After the first "great" war a group of people calling themselves "concerned citizens" in the west wanted to stop the rise of socialism and its further ramifications, the cry for justice. They knew they couldn't succeed right away. So they looked beyond what was their present, even beyond their own lifetimes, to the future day they could retaliate, avenge their wounded pride and return the world to the, to them more favorable state of affairs.
   Socialism is abandoned, exposed as a useless system of administrating a society. Capitalism and hierarchy-building is once more embraced as the one, true way to organize a society. The time is nigh for the masters of the world to recapture the power they never truly lost. Everything old is new again.




   They are at it again, I see, sprouting their insane theories and accusing prominent citizens of participating in the worst kind of atrocities. Where do they get off?
   One may wonder what makes otherwise fairly intelligent people succumb to braindead, unfounded speculation, but that's the way it is, folks. People are making up a lot of bad stuff about our leaders just to make themselves sound interesting.
   There might be a dollar or two involved, too.
   This is a disease that really took off in the Sixties and has riddled us ever since. Public investigations. People of good standing repeating there is no foul play... all for naught. The conspiracy quacks keep ranting their garbage.




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