The face of Janus is far more than twofold.
The legend surviving to present day is quite lacking in detail,
compared to the realty of mankinds ancient ways.
The face of Janus is a rainbow of variety,
the spectre, the entire spectrum of Human Life.
  Nothing is beyond those who dwell in Shadow







  Digging in mist part 1

   Janus is the woman with a thousand faces, a million masks, the Goddess of the Crossroads, the keeper of the ancient fire, an ambiguous figure of dual, even many-faceted nature. Liz and Ted feel a lot like that sometimes, not quite able to grasp their own nature. Sometimes itís ephemeral like a rainbow and other times like a fist in the face.
   Liz found a small statue of a woman with two faces in the Amazon jungle and it tingled so pleasantly within her. She lost it and didnít see it again for many years. Laurie took it and kept it in her pocket, close to her heart all that time, for three long decades.
   Ted and Liz have dreams, vivid visions, about a woman living in an ancient village, a city in the desert. The images, sensations are so detailed that they feel like theyíre there, breathing in the dry air, running from the mighty flood approaching the huts and forest surrounded by endless dunes of sand. They dream about the Dragon, about it spitting fire and roasting the land.
   - We are the Janus Clan, Liz recited. - We survive and thrive anywhere, also in a world of death.
   - I see a sword, Iris said, - a sword of fire, shadowing the Earth, tempered in the hot furnaces of the desert.
   Nick is waiting in his cave, dreaming about time and space and everything beyond.
   Mike has dreams, too, potent, burning visions slowly destroying him.
   Ethel resides in her high tower, surveying the world with cruel eyes, picking visions like she would grains of sand on the beach.
   Carla dreams her endless resurrection dreams, never truly there, more here, more grounded to the Earth than anyone in existence.
   The Phoenix is rising from all ashes, all ruins, leaving death and destruction in Its wake.

   The Shadowwalkers are finally stepping out of the shadows.







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