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--- Children of The Midnight Fire ---

"What is the future? What is the past? What are we? What is the magic fluid that surrounds us and conceals the things we most need to know? We live and die in the midst of marvels."

Napoleon Bonaparte



laugh in the dark

It’s only yesterday since I thought of myself as what I am.

It's a common misconception among people of today that freedom is an unattainable goal. They claim that if everybody did whatever they wanted, the world would go down the toilet. When the reality of it all, very obvious, is quite the opposite.

The wind howls outside, in anger, in despair, about the unquenchable thirst for freedom. It mirrors the one inside, like an echo, a pale reflection of what is boiling in the human being. You may have heard me outside your window a dark night. I may have haunted your dreams and perhaps your nightmares, reminding you of what you don't want to remember...

You may be certain of one thing and one thing only: I exist.

I am a witch - a bearer of knowledge. A human being seeking the unknown, the forbidden, the forgotten. Keeper of ancient lore.

It’s only yesterday since I thought of myself as what I am...

Yet, since that yesterday eternity has passed. And passed again.


I walk the streets in the lifeless stone deserts of today. My uneasy, carefree, burning look is cast upon the robots around me. They move with stiff limbs and thoughtless, measured «determination». Their thoughts and actions are not their own. They look like puppets. They are. They must be. The way they look. Appearances may deceive, but only to a certain point. I can look outside them, I can look inside them. It's not difficult.

I’ve seen the progress of civilization. I’ve watched the decease grow and multiply.

From their ill fated birth, people of today, are tamed. Their fangs and claws are pulled out and off. Or they may be dulled to the point of harmlessness. If I were really paranoid I would suspect someone of breeding aggressiveness out of us, willfully making us docile and easy to manage for any Master that may be. But no, we are doing it, to ourselves. Destroying ourselves in the process. Like we bred wolfs into dogs.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? What are we doing to The Earth? What are we doing to ourselves? We’re poisoning the atmosphere, we’re poisoning the soil, the water. We’re poisoning US. The very fire that makes us human.



Oh, yeah, there is one small detail here that should be emphasized...

This page, this whole site is not under construction. We - The Children of the Midnight Fire - is much more into demolition really. We tear constantly at the very fabric of society. By our thoughts, by our actions, by our very being. We undermine the already shaky fundament, the thin shell, of civilization. This is not some pretentious mirage we construct for ourselves. It’s a fundament without the illusion of the modern world and it makes us proud.

The fire is still burning...

Updated 1996-06-06-06. 167. night 12052, in the second year in the time of The Crimson Tide... This is Defcon 6 in a stage by stage update of our entire site.

Partly updated 08-08-08.230. night 12052.

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We celebrate Witchnight many times each year, but especially April 30 /the night into May 1. The ancient night of Valpurgis. Humanity has called this night many things, through the mists of Time and Space.

Other "important" celebrations include Midsummer Night (June 21), Halloween/All Souls Night (October 31), New Years Eve (December 21). A lot is happening on these nights. It may vary from time to time, hour to hour. It can be an exploration and a party both. One night we may drink ourselves pissed or enjoy other kind of mind expanding substances. Other times as it may happen, we hardly ingest anything at all. Whatever method we use it is a celebration of life and its mysteries and imagination. We have a lot of rituals and ceremonies available, that we may or may not do. They have in common a lack of solemnity and are dominated by the belief that a good laughter prolongs life, both in quantity and quality. There is too little (or too much) to laugh at and about in these times of crisis.

The seasons are turning. There is winter camp, there is summer camp. All those in-between. The face of the moon always returns to the way it was. But not quite! The seasons will always change!




About this and related pages:

We'll do a lot of stuff, in fact, everything that interests us. Everything that we enjoy and we'll also cover in detail what disgusts us. As a matter of fact, there is very little we'll not accept here. Of course, there will be a huge majority of our own stuff, but we'll do our best to let others in as well. The free speech banner is a matter of course here. So much that the risk of us being banned from our server is a very real possibility.

Festival of Samhain October 16. - 31.

This site will not be updated often. It will happen infrequently when something happen to justify a major change. We have chosen quite consciously to keep it simple. You will from this page be able to reach all the others related ones with only one (or two) click(s).



"What is history other than a fable agreed upon?"

Napoleon Bonaparte


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