--- Children of The Midnight Fire ---

"We'd have guns by now if we didn't spent all the money on cider." -
Grafitti in the toilet at the A30 Action Office. (A bunch of road protesters in great britain).
Greetings people.

Updated 1996-12-25. Fourth night 12052, in the second year in the time of The Crimson Tide... This is Defcon 5 in a stage by stage update of our entire site.

Slightly updated 1997-05-21. The 151. night 12052.

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Before All Souls Night


We call our gatherings a meeting between strangers. This is both because we were strangers to each other before Witchnight began and because we all are strangers in the society of our birth.

Itís hard isnít it, to not keep sinking into the pit of an average life? Of course there are rewards out there in the whirlwind and by far bigger than the small, insignificant ones inside the pit, but you have to look hard and long for each and every one of them. The world of today is a garbage - heap. It is quite necessary to search for the few, but all the more precious treasures.

This is one of our roads to hidden worlds. One of many. To those who seek, and sometimes find, and also act on it. And all the roads we know is just a tiny part of the multitude. And that is the greatest thought of all.

When old friends get a ęjobĽ, get married and/or are established, you sit there with your head between the knees and think in despair: Another one lost. Then it feels good to be a seeker. To be able to move beyond an act made by an obvious fool. And you succeed in keeping your spirit alive. Another one has joined the braindead. New mutants, potential witches are born and grow up all the time. Your old friend are sucked dry in the maelstrom of conformity. You continue to live fierce and wild. To dare is to lose foothold a short while. To not dare is to lose yourself.

We wish you welcome to The Hidden World, the spirit world. A "place" we go when we dream... and don't dream. This is not the world we've always known, but a part of us have always known this world. The part deeper than any civilization, any technology. A world beyond Illusion, where man and animal, life and death, are one.

Dance of Preparation
(Festival of) Samhain 1996

The children of the midnight fire invites you to join us in this and other parts of The Hidden World, to step with us into the mists of time and space, and lead yourself to greatness.

If you don't want to join us that's more than okay, too. We're not in any form missionaries on a crusade and we do not want to convert you to the "right" teaching. In our opinion there is no such thing. There is no truth, no right or wrong. Everything depends on viewpoint. But we enjoy meeting other seekers. We believe that humanity is Nomads by nature and that humanity and nature is one. The modern, technological society destroys everything that makes life worth living. An inhuman society creates inhuman people. That's logical, right?

There are so few Nomads left. So very few.

Stone Desert                          Sherwood Forest

None of us believe in any supreme being. If there should exist a kind of overlord out there somewhere, it is of no consequence to us. The children of the midnight fire are not slaves, nor masters. Religion, the nation state, with lines drawn on a map, and a pyramidal system of living, is disgusting to us. Modern society with its insane laws is really nothing more than an illusion, a bad dream a tired hunter had after a lousy hunt. We, all of us present day people, really, seek the ancient contact between us and the planet. It's about time we woke up.

We are witches, rebels, warlocks, mutants and we'll always seek our own kind, a tribe from all tribes. Until the end of time.

We are seekers of the unknown. What else is there to seek?

Out of The Fog

We're no unthinking Unity. BY NO MEANS, "GAEA" FORBID. We have some important attitudes in common, though. It might be summarized like this:



Advice: Discover how much fun you can have after you have opened your eyes.

Open them WIDE and the fun just increases!

Little known fact:

1995 was the warmest year ever measured on Earth. It rose 0.4 degrees above the record-braking year of 1990. The heat is on, folks and everything goes down the drain, up in flames. The fun is about to start.

Little known fact:

Our immune system is slowly but surely shot to hell. The defenses our bodies use to fight off any form of attacking, invading germs, is being destroyed by the artificial chemicals civilization produces, that we surround ourselves with daily. The semen quantity and quality is drastically reduced. There are an increasing number of old and new diseases. Cancer has exploded in numbers and fatality since the rise of the modern chemical industry. As its fertility increases our own dwindles. The pollution effects and changes our brains. Humanity and our humanity has become an endangered species... By our own hand. This is not something that will happen. It is happening. The disaster technology brings, is not on itís way. Itís - here - now!!

Little known fact:

We are brain-washed from birth. Away from our natural instincts, away from... Life. Our parents takes part in it, from the day we draw our first breath. Six years later we are ready for further indoctrination, ready to be told how to the best our abilities, we can be one more, obedient wheel in the bigger wheel, the greater machine. After some twenty years we eagerly set forth in our duty to become an integral part of civilization, the gray self-destructive society of our birth.

We are steered towards enlightenment. Our peers guide us and help us in every possible way, thereís no end to all the help we receive and how grateful we are supposed to be. Everybodyís part of the brain-washing and ultimately, so are we.


Would you know more?

Would you know more?

Would you know more?

Would you know more?

Would you know more?

Would you know more?

I'll not pay a single dime, but...

YES, I Would know more!

NO, I've had more than enough of this bullshit and want to leave my senses behind.