window of light and shadow Window of light and fog

Can you tell them apart?

The Question is:

Which one is the image and which is the mirror image?

  This is a mirror page. It's not exactly like the homepage, but it's not anything like any other page either. If you look in the mirror one of the first strange things you discover is that left hand suddenly has become the right hand. Your face look... slightly different. Yes, even your feet has quite abruptly traded places. What's really hitting a human being looking in the mirror, one of glass or one of water, is the skewed similarities. Ever since humanity first took a look down on the water surface, we have wondered who we are. So don't look for any opposites here, but rather more of the same. One step closer to what most modern people perceive as reality, perhaps, but still inside a dark alley. BEWARE of the shadows. If you're not careful, you may discover that one is shadowing you!

    Mirror to another world Mirror to another world Mirror to another world Mirror to another world

YES! Look beyond the mirror, through the crystal ball. You have already gone far then and may easily fly further. Everybody should know that you don't need a crystal ball to see the obvious.

 Crystal Ball

What is hiding behind the mirror? Is it nothing? Is it everything? Is it nothing at all? it may shift and change, in a day or a night, to something completely different. You may never know what it will be tomorrow... If tomorrow comes. I know you are tempted to peek, tempted to look and see, into the night. Even if there are firespitting dragons, the everlasting Abyss. We stare back at The Abyss. We are human, after all and not sheep. Yes, take a good look at what lies beyond.

Take a look in the mirror.

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