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   Judith «Silverhair» Breen: (married Brevik) - Born October 31, 1961 by American parents. Hailed as the new Ulrike Meinhof by fanatic acolytes. The leader of the Green Rose.



  Giovanni "Gio" Rossi: Italian. Born in Genoa September 17, 1956. Former member of the Red Brigades. One of the three in the chain of command under Silverhair.

  Ole Sivert Olsen: Born outside Odense April 14, 1959. Former journalist. Quit after considerable differences of opinion with the editor of the newspaper Alternative.

  Karine Lie: Born in Oslo July 20, 1960. Author and philosophically inclined. Spent a lot of time in and around the Blitz setting in Oslo under its most turbulent time in the eighties. The most infamous member of the Green Rose before it was founded.

  Morten Falck: Born in Copenhagen January 3, 1959. Practiced as a lawyer. Led a number of litigations on behalf of rebellious elements clashing with the police.

  Kathy Fuller: Born in London June 25, 1959. Former model and flight attendant. Never frequented radical crowds before arriving in Copenhagen.

  Dorte Kelser: Born in Copenhagen January 10, 1960. Never excelled in any way. Had children that vanished when she did autumn 1988.

  Jemma Elvir: Born in Jamaica February 16, 1959. Lived a few years in United Kingdom where she had a number of encounters with the police.

  Kees Loeser: Born in South-Africa of white parents May 12, 1959. Was disgusted by the Apartheid policy at an early age and left the country before being conscripted into military service.

  Kurt Mørch: Born in Copenhagen February 12, 1960. Frequented radical places without being much noticed.

  Kimberly "Kim" Russel: Born in Malaysia December 21, 1959. Unknown mother of Chinese origin. Daughter of the businessman Victor Russel. Declared homosexual. One of the three in the chain of command under Silverhair.

  Wilhelm "Willy" Otterman: Born in Hamburg May 1, 1961. Declared homosexual. Former bartender… and ironically, initially the cell’s explosives’ expert.

  Renni Halgrimson: Born on Iceland March 20, 1959. A declared genius. Lectured on «the new Vikings» at the age of twenty. Left Iceland after being charged with arson, with setting fire to a church, and was in that sense quite ahead of his time...
   Some people have claimed that Halgrimson’s name is fake, that his life is made up, and that he’s really Finnish. One of many controversies in his life.

  Yvonne Bastian: Born in Paris August 28, 1959. Convinced communist and feminist. Ran an aid center for mistreated women and immigrants in Copenhagen before it was closed because of lack of funding. A possible connection between the Green Rose and Red Army Faction in Germany, which, after all, carried out their final operation as late as 1993 and wasn’t officially disbanded until April 10, 1998.


   The astute reader will quickly realize that this is only fourteen. See THE UNKNOWN (Webmasters remark).




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