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  Corbin McLeod: Born June 26, 1965. Scot. Antinationalist beyond reason at a young age. Was early very unpopular in the «The Highlands».

  Elan Russel: Born September 30, 1962. One of Victor Russel’s many children. Kimberly’s half brother.

  Heike Messner: Born July 12, 1966 in Hamburg. Her parents were imprisoned for hiding members of Red Army Faction. Ran away from her foster home when she was twelve.

  Helene Valin: Born April 16, 1970. Exam with honors in economy from the university in Uppsala at the age of twenty. Chosen as «young Swedish executive of the year» in 1993.

  Jan Walter: Born May 8, 1960. Sat sail at a young age with a boat he won in a poker game. Traveled rivers, dikes and the seven seas.


  Jannicke "Janni" Martens: Born in the northern, conservative part of the Netherlands March 6, 1972. Raised by strict, religious uncle.


  Karel Polaski: Born in Serbia in early 1970. Veteran from the Yugoslavian civil wars.

  Celeste McCauley: Born in Sligo, Ireland August 4, 1968. Daughter of a wealthy industrial magnate.

  James Mackenzie: American Native. Born April 1, 1967.

  Laura Brigly: Born November 13, 1969 in Southampton. Was killed in battle just after joining the Green Rose.

  Emmanuel DeCosta: Born in Brazil July 1971. Was killed at the same time as Laura.


  Susan Palmer: Born August 3, 1967. Educated as a surgeon. Practiced until she joined the Nightravens after the battle of Gothenburg. Her father is supposed to have been murdered by the Swedish secret service.

  Jason Edwards: Born in London July 31, 1975. Police aspirant.

  Nelson Braithwaite.: Born in Sydney June 9, 1959. Wanted for an unspecified number of bank robberies in Australia and New Zealand in the eighties and nineties.

  Tanya Kirbuk: Born in Sverdlovsk, Russia January 18, 1959. Sat in Russian prison camp in the early eighties. Was elected to the People’s Congress after Mikhael Gorbatsjov was elected President in the Soviet Union. Moved to Berlin in 1993, disillusioned with the world.

  Lene "Silverhair" Brevik: Born in Bergen July 2, 1979. Daughter of Judith and Olav Brevik.

  Emmet Dalton Terrill.: Born in Bergen December 15, 1974.

  Elin Hansen: Born in Bergen January 22, 1975.




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