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  Sybille Xavier: Born March 3, 1960. Of Franco-American roots. Formed the first new cell of the Green Rose with Steve Cockrum.

  Steve Cockrum: Born April 30, 1961. Of artist ascendancy. Formed the first new cell of the Green Rose with Sybille Xavier.


  Roland Vallens: Born September 29, 1970 in Antwerp, Belgium. One of the most prevalent figures in recent European history. Created quite a ruckus and unrest in Belgium and the Netherlands before reaching his teens. Have been a wanted man since the environment and freedom meeting in Copenhagen in 1989. The reward for his apprehension has increased with his ever more extreme fighting methods, but he has never been captured. Some people claim he was a member of the Green Rose. Others claim just as hard the opposite. Have been baptized as a Hooded Man, a «modern Robin Hood».


  Tom Rawlins: Born April 29, 1955. Arms dealer. Is selling, according to himself «to anybody who can pay». Has been publicly criticized on countless occasions, but he has never been formally charged with any crime and is still in business.


  Jonas Bergli: Born in Norway June 13, 1895. Died a natural death in the south western English city of Padstow during the summer of 1983. Secluded international adventurer. Belonged to a mysterious league called the Shadowwalkers in the thirties. It isn’t clear what connection - if any he had to what would become the Green Rose, but his name has kept reoccurring throughout the years.



  Olav Brevik: Born August 18, 1960. Son of Peder Brevik. Grew up in luxury, but according to his own statements he went through «a period of youthful rebellion» before settling down and joining his father’s vast business empire.


  Laurie Isherwood: Born January 10, 1956. Known for her fanatical environmental struggle at an early age. After the dramatic events in Copenhagen she was diagnosed with a permanent injury in her right foot. Formed an investment company and became a multimillionaire during the eighties.


  Victor Russel: Born at an undisclosed place in Poland in 1945. Naturalized British citizen. Ruthless businessman. It is said about him that he killed his man while only three year’s old, and that he earned his first million before the age of fifteen. He runs his business as he runs his large-sized family, through a wall of fear. Persistent rumors claim that he is into modern slavery, and that he keeps his own harem on an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe, but nothing has ever been proven or even challenged in a court of law.


  Hugo Manning: Born December 12, 1948. Respected businessman until he was exposed as an international slave trader during a coordinated The Green Rose attack.


  Erland Jostedt: Born September 3, 1940. Operative leader in the European Security force. Former major in the army and mayor in the Danish city of Roskilde.

  Dr. Leonard Kaspersen: Born February 5, 1952. Professor in behavior psychology at the university of Oslo. Made early warnings about «the new wave of terrorism in Europe». Eager supporter of «increased socializing». Adviser for security issues at the ESF.

  Lee Travis: Born October 12, 1955. Former British SAS. Former security chief at Barsebäck nuclear power plant. Field leader in ESF.

  Elsa Andersen: Born April 20, 1960. Former Copenhagen police officer. Attached to the security department at the ESF.




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