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Book releases


The Campfire


Making Music

Amos Keppler




Front cover making movies

Amos Keppler

Writing, directing, directing photography and making music
(basically almost anything filmmaking)


3 minutes+

One day in the life of John Smith

The Wrong World (documentary)

The dangers of obedience (documentary)

The Hidden World existential horror series

Earth and sky, day and Night - the series

Confessions of a midnight cannibal

A road movie in black & white

Time and Tide - the series

The Dark River - the series

Dark Urban Legends - the series

The Man that wasn't himself


The House That Would Not Rest


Newshour with Amos Keppler - comments on true current news.

And quite a few other projects to be announced.

What projects to focus on first will become clear eventually.


Our new tools have been purchased.
Wednesday November 19, 2013 is the day Midnight Fire Media grew to include Movie and music production
and the making of digital art.
Production is about to commence.
Doomsday has arrived.
Expect us!



   We're auteurs here, really. That means we're working with the project from the first idea till the completed editing and launching.