Amos Keppler has, to this point completed sixteen novels. Thirteen novels and two collections of poetry have been published. Everything, except the actual printing is done by him. Since no established publisher will ever publish his works, he has decided to do it himself. Novel number 17, 18 and 19 is being written as we speak. Midnight Fire Media is first and foremost meant to publish his grand works, but if it against all odds also should be lukrative, economically speaking he will also attempt to do an effort for other true alternative novels, music and movies.
   Good ol' Amos has played street theater on alternative and controversial stages all over Europe. One (totally) transformed Shakespeare play, partly described in "Dreams Belong to the Night" and "Thunder Road" surely wrecked havok on traditionally inclined theater "lovers"... He writes movie scripts. He's a photographer, musician, composer, gambler, Nomad, actor, instructor, director, practicing witch, shaman, Wild Man and caveman, one of the new barbarians, and has, all in all done a lot during those 56 years he has Lived. Most of it on the edge of established society, a "place" where he's truly enjoying himself. He thinks it's strange talking about himself in third person, but fun, too.

   Of all things he has also worked as a vacumm cleaner salesman and Chief Executive!?!

   Finally: He has mostly managed on his own his entire adult life. Still, there are those who have aided and supported him on the hard and difficult and thoroughly enjoyable path he has chosen. They know who they are. Many, many thanks. ;)


Amos Keppler's writer's «CV»



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(Amos Keppler's stories and poetry published on the web.
99 percent of all Midnight Fire Arena material, prose, images, music and all are done by him.


Greetings to my children, Richard (born 1989), Pauline (born 1990) and Chloe (born 1992).
May we, the new barbarians transform the world into a much better place very soon, so you'll have a better life.

Richard has one daughter, Malin and Pauline has one son, Lester, both born 2015.

My Goddess, I'm a grandfather....