Midnight Fire Media is a small, independent, thoroughly anti-commercial publisher, production company and gathering of independent artists. Not in the sense that we won't sell what's published, but in a sense that what is created (created instead of produced) of texts, novels, music, movies, photo art and web pages is and will ever be different. It won't be the dime a dozen offered by the majority. It will be exciting, engaging, provocative and it won't be a victim of censorship.

   The goal is to convey reality without filtering, all parts of it, no matter how brutal, unpleasant and concealed from people's daily life it may be. To stress our ambitions: We will convey Life itself.


   The two collections of poems and thirteen novels


yet more great MFM storytelling counting among the most controversial ever.


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   The Midnight Fire Media books are printed and distributed through Lightning Source/Ingham Content Group.


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