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   Eyes in the Sky
   - Hardcover published February 29, 2024    ISBN 978-82-91693-38-5

   UFO-sightings are suddenly increasing all over the planet. Both in cities and remote areas the sightings are exploding in numbers and detail.
   The eyes in the sky have been here for a very long time, studying the world and its ants. They have been many things to many people. They might have been the origin of the gods of ancient Olympus. The chariots of fire depicted in many a religious text. Some say they built the pyramids of Egypt and America, that they were the originators of human civilization, that they in fact created humanity from beastly origins.
   Many have wondered why they are here, if they are here, why they haven’t revealed themselves. Many claim that this is a ridiculous question... Since they are clearly here and have been showing themselves for a long time, a very long time, and that they keep doing so during this our modern age.
   So why are they here? Why do they work in clandestine ways (they do)? What is their agenda? Is humanity nothing more than beasts to them, something to study under a microscope like we are studying ants and other animals? If they have an agenda, what is it?
   Or perhaps that is not important. Perhaps the only important question we should ask ourselves is if they are here, and if so, what it means to the human species. As one thing becomes abundantly clear:
   They are here.


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   Fangs and Claws of the Earth
   - Hardcover published April 30, 2023    ISBN 978-82-91693-37-8

   The sisters Melanie and Violet are out celebrating a given Friday. Nothing significant is happening, nothing at all. It is just yet another end-of-the-week night out, and that is all.
   But when looking back at it, they agree that it was the start of everything happening later.
   Something... entered their lives that night, an ominous, beyond powerful force they could neither fathom nor grasp. It reaches out to them, and they can’t help but respond. They can just as much deny it as they can stop breathing. It is there, no matter where they turn or what they do.
   Melanie detests her job, even though she refuses to admit that fact. Violet has let go of the old and is reaching out to the new. Her hands reach into the darkness. Her fingers fumble there, shaking a bit, searching for something to grasp. She finds Paul and Laura and others, finds an entirely new existence beyond the mundane she rejected.
   It satisfies her for a while, but she is not content, not completely and she keeps searching, keeps exploring what is at the tip of her tongue, the scent in her nostrils, the call in the night drawing her.
   It is always there, an impulse she can neither deny nor resist.
   There is something going on, in the city and outside it, in the deep, deep forest, a transformative force engulfing everything, including everyone. A large modern city is crumbling to dust, drowning in blood and falling apart at the seams.


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   The Valley of Kings
   - Hardcover published September 21, 2022    ISBN 978-82-91693-36-1

   The small group of people is wanderers. They have always been wanderers, always been on the move, never truly belonging anywhere.
   There is a mystery, a mystery of their lives. It is close, now, so close they can touch it, smell it, in the sands of Sahara, in the Valley of Kings, Egypt, along the ancient Silk Road through Asian cities, mountains and deserts.
   There is a Valley of Kings, somewhere, beyond the rim of the world, hidden from mortal eyes, a place of freedom for those who are... special, persecuted in a world fearing the unknown, fearing and hating what is different. They are drawn to it, irresistibly, inevitably. Something about it, something there resonates deep within their being.
   So, they set out to find that place, tracing centuries' old tracks, ghosts of clues to its position, to its origin, and what it means to them, to them personally, as grains of sand keep slipping through their fingers.
   And finally, the Valley of Kings welcomes them, taking them into its embrace, its womb, giving them hard needed solace, hard fought answers, reopening every single wound and pain of their soul.
   There is no mystery. The mystery remains.


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   - Hardcover published July 21, 2022    ISBN 978-82-91693-35-4

   The dwindling, ragged group of sorcerers and seekers traveling the realms keeps searching for the elusive prize they fear they may never find, keeps passing through portals and walking vast foreign realms. What started out as one thing has become something completely different. Janet knows that feeling well. It is what she feels every time she finds herself in front of a mirror. They have become her. She has become them. They can hardly see past the moment of their possible success. She can only glimpse it as unending mist in the horizon.
   The blade of their swords has turned sharp, their minds dull. The original purpose remains.
   They travel on, bound in hatred and desolation, towards the inevitable confrontation awaiting them at some point in a dark and distant future. All of them know this, even in the murkiest part of their hazy awareness.
   They fight on!

   Janet has fallen as far as any being can possibly fall; to the bottom.
   She has become like a banshee, a specter drifting aimlessly through realms and territories she can not name, an Afterglow of scars and emotions that would kill any ordinary human being.
   But she survives, survives wounds grave enough to bury several others, survives drowning, stabbings and the darkest sorcery and wounds of the soul. Sometimes she wonders if anything can kill her or truly hurt her anymore, and she wonders why she cares, why she keeps putting one foot in front of the other.
   Something makes her do that, something she can not quite fathom or reach, but is aware of none the less. It makes her rise from bed each morning. It makes her lift her sword in defense and offence, makes her kill time and time again.


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   Phoenix Green Earth Book Two
   - Hardcover published October 31, 2021    ISBN 978-82-91693-30-0

   Drowned in ashes, reborn in fire…
   One major enemy has been vanquished. A thousand remain…
   The Janus Clan has always been in opposition to the forces ruling human society. They have always been shunned and hunted. This process only turned even more pronounced when Phoenix Green Earth was founded in the late eighties. The struggle, the fight, the war intensified further, one tiny group of humans against the world, against the totality of modern human society.
   This is it. These are the final days whispered about for millennia. Lines in the sand once blurry, indistinct are drawn. The final enemy reveals itself.
   December 22, 2008 is approaching and almost everything will be explained. A cold shower of realization will hit humanity right where it hurts, and there will be no escape, nowhere to run for anyone.

   The two Warrens, Liz and Ted are travelers. Even though they during a few short, hectic, sort of peaceful years resided in the ancestral home in London, they spent most of their lives Journeying across the vast reality of the world… beyond… on their path to a terrifying and remarkable destiny.


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   Phoenix Green Earth Book One
   - Hardcover published September 21, 2021    ISBN 978-82-91693-32-3

   The Phoenix is rising. The green Earth is reasserting itself. After one Storm, another is there to take its place.
   Ted knows, Liz knows, now, what to do, with the world, with themselves. They have been wandering for so long, wondering what to do with their lives. Now they know.
   Now, the Twilight Storm is here.
   From the desert, from the ruins of the city called Las Vegas the Phoenix is rising. Phoenix Green Earth, a radical environmental movement is founded, a belief spreading like wildfire among the modern civilization’s outcasts, disgruntled rebels hungry for freedom, for life, for a reckoning, a fundamental belief telling them that the present-day world is wrong. They know and have done so for a long time, and now, finally they are, they all are, ready to act on that belief, to correct all injustice, all the wrongs, everything screwed up in the world, come what may.
   So, they leave their homes, leave their semblance of a life, becoming wanderers, joining all the others out there, on the move, on the Freedom Road. They start living and awaken slowly from their long slumber, from humanity’s long slumber… and the world awakens with them.


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   The Janus Clan Book Two: The Slaves
   - Paperback published June 21, 2021    ISBN 978-82-91693-31-6

   Ted and his friends are falling, falling down degradation road. They have walked it for so long that they have forgotten how it was like before they started on it, forgotten themselves. There is no end in sight in their dim minds. The road of slavery and humiliation is there, with them, wherever they turn, even in their almost faded dreams.
   The world, its local, national and global society wants slaves, wants cogs in the machine, small mindless machines of flesh and bone to aid and complete the bigger encompassing the Earth. Rescue is nowhere, is found in no eyes they meet.
   Through the machinations and cruelty of others they lost everything making life worth living. There are pieces, fragments on the gray trail ahead, flashes of memory telling them who they are, but all of them fading the moment they appear.
   Only when the spark strikes, when they feel the rage rise within and the wild human being makes its presence known, they feel like there might be something to look forward to after all. The collar is loose, is it not? The key is turning in the lock making the bracelets and chains stay in place. In their most feverish dreams they imagine that freedom looms right around the next corner.
   So, they use that, embrace that within themselves and run, run fast and furious through the shadows of the night, becoming those shadows, that very night.
   And the day they stop there will be hell to pay.


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   The Janus Clan Book Six: The werewolf of Locus Bradle
   - Hardcover published March 21, 2021    ISBN 978-82-91693-30-9

   Three years have passed, three years of relative tranquility.
   Wales and the southwestern parts of England, the misty hills, the wet moors, the Cornwall coast are steeped in legends and stories.
   Somewhere there a beast is awakening, rising from its dark slumber, to visit its wrath upon the modern world. The city of Padstow is ravaged by death, a killer tearing to pieces its victims, leaving only parts of the body, enjoying human flesh. Fate has not been kind to Padstow and its inhabitants in recent years. The economy is in recession. The tourists, once the lifeblood of the area, are now staying away, far away.
   Old friends call Liz and Ted Warren, paranormal investigators and adventurers, to the city. They arrive in a place paralyzed by fear and suspicion. Blood flows in Padstow. They can smell it, from the highest tower to the lowest cellar, as above so below. Many things, many people hide there, some they know, some they do not. But as they peel ever-thicker layers off the blanket hiding the town's secrets, they are also closing in on their own riddles. They meet a man who can tell them everything, everything they have spent their lives wondering about. Fangs and claws of the Earth are tearing open the most confined of caskets.
   Padstow is the world, and the world is the stage where they must wage their battle.


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   Afterglow Fire
   - Published November 11, 2020    ISBN 978-82-91693-29-3

   She has died a million times...
Someone or something is stalking her.
It has always been here.

   She returns to Arcadia after years abroad.
   There is something in the wind, something moving from person to person in crowded streets, no longer a figment of the imagination, no longer the hope of a mirage. It is tangible, it is real. Forces beyond time and space are reaching for her. Afterglow feels them like a knife in the gut. In the back alleys and lit plazas and agoras of the realm, no matter where she goes... they are stalking her, attacking her like a blunt force, a sharp blade. A hammer is falling on Afterglow.
   The passion and hatred she finds is deeper than the ocean.

   Afterglow returns to the Island of her birth, childhood and adolescence. She does not like it there, does not like the Island at all, but it beckons her, like the ancient sirens of myth did with sailors of the seven seas. Afterglow does not want to go, but she goes anyway, pulled by memory and longing and the part of her past she has never managed to put to rest, no matter how hard she has tried.
   Jupiter's Cauldron is acting up again, worse than anyone can remember. She feels it, even more than her eyes see, like a potent force within.
   It is time for the final curtain to fall, for all the demons, all the ghosts of the past to catch up with her, for the blackest of blades to gut her and expose her softest of insides.
   Janet Kathryn Caldwell is shaken apart by the onslaught of the world.


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   - Published February 29, 2020    ISBN 978-82-91693-28-6

   The name Forsaken has no religious connotations. It has far darker meanings than that!
   Janet of the Blue Flame is truly forsaken, by everything and everyone she once held dear.
   Her heart and her soul have been ripped out, her mind violated beyond repair. The cruel violet eyes are dry. There are no more tears left. She is hardly more than a shade, drifting through the dark corners of the realms.
   In a tavern without doors she sets out to drink herself to death.
   Weeks later, after already legendary binge drinking bouts to end all legendary binge drinking bouts a man comes to her with a proposal. He wants her on his team of sorcerers, one he wants to take him on a tour across the nine realms. She does not know why she agrees, whether or not it is because death has lost its appeal to her or because it has not, or because she just does not care.
   There are maps, ancient lore describing the path they must take, and Janet has traveled parts of the Journey before, enough to know some of its perils, enough to scare her, if anything can scare her anymore.
   Janet of the Blue Flame is set loose on this realm and all the next, like an attack dog that has broken its chains.


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   Your Own Fate
   - Paperback published October 31, 2019    ISBN 978-82-91693-27-9

   Nothing makes sense. Not to Jeremy Zahn, former inspector with the London Metropolitan police, not to Janet Caldwell, lieutenant with the Los Angeles Police Department or to anyone in their circles. They struggle in vain to fathom what's going on, and they're not alone.
   Timothy Joyce is an enigma, a man without a past, appearing from nowhere, to go on a rampage in an astonished, stunned, baffled and frightened world.
   Los Angeles is a city on the brink, brought to its knees only a few days and nights after the Chaos-bringer's arrival. The entire world has previously felt his power and the entire world is watching, its people shivering in their shrunken, frozen hearts.
   Jeremy Zahn doesn't know what will happen. But he knows the end is near, knows that this is the end of the long, exhaustive hunt, the end of the total insanity that has ruled his life the last three years, knows that very soon now everything will finally make sense.


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   Afterglow Rain
   - Published September 21, 2019    ISBN 978-82-91693-25-5

   She has died a million times...
   Someone or something is stalking her.

   Stalking her from one world to the next, from day to night, from night to day. Wherever she walks it is there. Turn one way and it is ahead. Turn another and there it is. In branches moving in the wind. In old houses where every step on the dusty floor brings a creak from the wood.
   Afterglow is haunted and hunted, no matter where she goes.

   Janet Kathryn Caldwell is traveling the nine realms, all the nine realms and even beyond, in search of meaning, of anything tangible that might make her life make sense. What she finds is more mystery, more dark corners waiting for her. One revelation opens up nine more closed boxes slapping her in the face, grinning to her like banshees in the night, in the mists and twilights of the world. The nine lands in the nine realms are different, they are the same. Afterglow brushes them like the wind, and sometimes like the storm, making a brief stop, before moving on, leaving ruins in its wake.
   The Storm is coming. She knows this, beyond knowing, beyond certainty. Dark blades are cutting air, cutting flesh. An army of them is awaiting Afterglow, and she finds revelations, horrors and terrors aplenty, out there, on her way to nowhere. She does not know where she is going, only that she is going there, no matter what it takes, no matter where it may take her.
   Lightning strikes deep below the ground in Afterglow's path.


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   The Janus Clan Book One: The Defenseless
   - Paperback published August 21, 2019    ISBN 978-82-91693-26-2

   Ted Cousin is brutally bullied beyond reason at school and by his older brother, ignored and hounded by an uncaring society.
   Denver, Colorado, the United States of America and the entire world in the late sixties is a place and time of hope, of potentially unfettered freedom and upheaval.
   Ted thinks he can see all that or at least glimpse it, catch it on the edge of the eye, But most of the time it eludes him. He imagines he can see a better future, for himself, for his sister Linda and the world.
   But most of the time it's nothing but mud.
   He is different, somehow. It isn't just his despair, the vast desolation surrounding him speaking, he knows that, or desperately hopes he does, in the many lonely years ahead. There is something there, on the edge of the eye, something he can't quite grasp, a spark, one that can change everything.
   The fire stirs within, both burning and warming him. The shadow is both a source of comfort and fear. He reaches for it, for everything that might not be there. In one brutal turn of events he gets his answers, or at least their modest beginnings. The spark is struck, and the violent storm explodes, and terror rises with it, making everything previously look like a pale ghost in comparison.
   The world strikes Ted Cousin with everything it's got, and he strikes back with equal determination, and lo and behold: it's an even match...


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   Red Shadow and Other Stories
   - Published October 31, 2018    ISBN 978-82-91693-23-1

   Lawrence Watros is an ordinary man doing an ordinary office job. There is nothing exciting about it, nothing exciting at all. Each day is the same. Nothing ever changes. His existence is dominated by routine, by a regiment constantly repeating itself.
   Larry's life sucks. He certainly thinks so and he has found no one disagreeing with him on that.
   He has always looked at the patterns of his surroundings, never really making a production of it, but that is his forte, if anything is. Now, with one single event the pattern changes, is disrupted beyond recognition.
   He meets the girl of his dreams, but she isn't exactly miss congeniality. The first thing she tells him is that he's in danger, in mortal danger.
   It only grows weirder and more dangerous from there.
   His life changes irrevocably and it keeps changing from that one, startling event. The mighty river of time is blocked and takes a completely different path.


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   Season of the Witch
   - Published October 31, 2017    ISBN 978-82-91693-22-4

  Lori is happily married. She and her husband of twenty years have three great children together. They have nice jobs and nice salaries, a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Life is good.
   Lori wakes up one morning, soaked in sweat after a particularly disturbing dream. Then she takes a good, hard look at herself in the mirror.
   The world is no longer the same. She is no longer the same. The happy housewife and mother and company executive no longer exist. Suddenly familiar and pleasant surroundings are neither familiar nor pleasant. Increasingly disturbing events are pulling her ever further away from what she has known, confirming that the world has changed, that she has changed. She meets new people, people further opening her eyes to the world, to the world she has denied for so long. Perhaps her previous life and neighborhood and job and all weren't so great, after all?
   Lori is cast brutally out of her world and headlong into the next. The people she encounters, both friend and foe are very much like herself a new breed, seekers in a world where seekers are frowned at, at best, and at worst hounded and hunted. Lori doesn't fit in in the old world anymore, and the new is still not quite there yet, emerging, like its people from the chrysalis, the dark corners and shadows of modern society.

   They are the emerging Earth and Sky, Day and Night, and the world will never be the same.


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   Thunder Road - Ice and Fire
   - Published December 21, 2016    ISBN 978-82-91693-21-7

   Damon Terrill is the Storm Child. He is born into the life hostile civilization's last years, as humanity starts on its return to nature, its return to Life.
   It started with the need for Freedom, the passion of life, and went from there, in new and unforeseen directions, in one, final attempt to get it right.
   - It's the human being's path through life, Anya told them. - What challenges, destroys and strengthens it.
   The Thunder Road is making a turn. It always is. Burning Ice, Biting Flame... that is how life began. And that's how it will renew itself. No matter where humans are going. And now the blade is laid bare, ready to be tempered once more. Humanity's idiocy, their hubris has finally and fully been visited upon them. The End Time, the final hour, Ragnarok is here. The sea is rising, winds are growing in strength and numbers. A thoroughly rotten society is collapsing under its own weight.
   Humans are natural nomads. Now they become nomads anew, pulled together in small tribes once more, pulled into a fellowship of fate in a final, desperate attempt to survive, to live the life humans are born to live. Finally. Damon, Anya, André, Myriam and many others have started on their way Home.


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   - Published February 29, 2016    ISBN 978-82-91693-19-4

   She can not rid herself of it, the sense of falling. It is lurking in her dreams, every time she looks at the world from the edge of her vision. The old, cruel oracle at the fair did not tell her anything she did not know.
   Janet of the Blue Flame is born a sorcerer, one with powers of the mind and the body far exceeding those of most others, one in a line reaching far back in antiquity.
   In this modern age she, like many others is virtually unaware of the potential resting in the murky parts of her being. She may know, deep down, but she is not aware, not until the day Malone the Sorcerer comes for her.

   Malone is dark and powerful. His skills and might are unquestionable. His power speaks to her, to her murky depths, roaring in her consciousness like a storm. Janet is only Sweet Sixteen and is overwhelmed in Malone's presence. When he offers to train her, for her to become his apprentice she consents with an eagerness of a mule chasing the carrot. He is everything she is not, everything she has ever dreamed of being. She leaves her friends and family, leaves behind everything she knows and joins the mighty and enigmatic sorcerer on his quest. His harsh teaching takes her far away, into the nine realms and beyond.
   He gives her her devoirs, gives her everything he promised and more, wishing her good luck, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her life.
   Janet of the Blue Flame is ready for the world...


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   Black Dragon
   - Published October 31, 2015    ISBN 978-82-91693-18-7

   The discord was already well established in human society. It just grew louder as time passed.

   One unexplainable, beyond mysterious event changed the world. In one moment, lasting an eternity the Earth and all its creatures was cast in shadow. The sun was blocked out in the sky, and people could only glimpse each other as flickering shapes in a seemingly endless night.
   They called it the Great Darkness, and spent years and countless hours attempting to explain it, speculating in vain on its origin.
   The results of the event weren't instantaneous, weren't obvious, but in the years to come many people transformed, gaining new and startling abilities, powers of the mind and the body never before seen on this Earth.
   Lady Grace, Flight Captain, Gimmick, Oracle, The Bowman, Raven Bird and many others rose from the sea of mankind, creatures straight from people's imagination, the fantastic writings of the world, crime fighters, vigilantes and master criminals similar to those previously described only in comic books living the life of their dreams.
   The world changed, irrevocably, each new big and small dramatic event removing it further from what it had been, its status quo and social relations altered forever.
   Unsettling dreams began haunting them, first at night, in their sleep, and then, slowly, spilling over into their days and waken lives. A creature, a terrifying nightmare rose from the primordial consciousness of them all.
   They called it Black Dragon...


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   Afterglow Dust
   - Published June 21, 2014    ISBN 978-82-91693-16-3

   She has died a million times...

   Someone is stalking her. She knows this, knows it at the edge of her vision, where nothing really is seen, only dreamed. Her nightmares give her no peace. She turns and looks behind her. There is nothing there her eyes can see. But in the wind she can hear the wailing cry, the cry of Death. Sniffing that wind, she can smell the blood in her nostrils.
   There is truth in flesh, they say, and there is truth in that. But there is also substance in what cannot be seen, cannot be touched. Claws and fangs cut ceaselessly through the night, looking for her. A silent cry is heard in the dark.
   Someone, or something is stalking her.

   She remembers a kind touch and a slap in the face, and hardly anything else.
   Kathryn Caldwell is Afterglow, a woman of undetermined age, a strange creature wandering the dark corners of the world. Something happened to her once, something horrible, something she can never forget or put out of her mind. It is haunting her every second of her dark days, every moment of her pitiful sleep. She has become an empty shell, a pale imitation of the human being she once was. Long ago, as she measures time, she lost everything valuable in a human being, saw it fall through a crack, irreversible, never to be found again.
   So she is wandering the darkened streets of the modern world, aimlessly, adrift, hardly ever seen, hardly ever there. People cannot see her, but she is there, present in their daily lives, an open wound that will never close.
   No one is safe for Afterglow...


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   Alarums of Reality
   - Published February 29, 2012    ISBN 978-82-91693-13-2

   The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end...
   The once so great Caine Manor has become a ruin, one only fit for carrion birds and revenants. No one but daring children and crazed souls dare breach its confines.    The proud and shiny Caine Manor is an outstanding example of renovated architecture at the heart of the city.    Looking at the building, the house, resembling a castle, hidden in a strange, illuminated mist, squinting your eyes, it's often hard to tell what's illusion and what's real. Reality shifts and burns around the Caine Manor, either ruin or proud house, reaching out with strands of night and fire to the surrounding areas and to existence at large. It is the center, or at least one center, in an ever-shifting world.

   Is Chloe Webster dead or alive? Is Marion Dexter? Is Marlon Caine? Or David Fallon Somby? Are they perhaps both? Or neither? What is the world? Is it a brick, a hard, impenetrable wall or closer to something akin to mist and shadow? Existence might make sense, to us, to them, but only in glimpses, only in passing, beyond a corner somewhere ahead. They may wonder. They may die clueless. Because they don't know, don't know why terror strikes them and makes their heart beat like a sledgehammer in their chest.    From a place unbound by time and space alarums of reality are reaching out to touch and ultimately engulf them all.


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   - Published October 31, 2011    ISBN 978-82-91693-12-5

   The world is changing. They know this, in their core of cores, where everything moves and shifts. Night and fire have followed them all the days of their lives.
   What they carry inside has always scared them, always intrigued them...
   They have always felt different, apart from the crowd. And here, now, they get the confirmation they have always wanted, always yearned for, that they are truly different, a breed apart. The metamorphosis begins. Their minds, their bodies are changing in shocking and unpredictable ways, as what's on the inside is brought to the outside. And as they themselves are changing they are also changing the world.
   Danger awaits them, Life awaits them, in the small, backward New England town. Magick and Mystery may be found beneath unturned stones.
   People, young and old are descending on the small, insignificant town of Northfield, New England.
   Boys and girls, students at the school of Life, Seekers, yearning for what's different, what's hidden.
   They're seeking within and without, high and low.
   And here, in this dusty, remote place they're finding it, turning the stone, finding the strength within themselves to be themselves, to break out of confines, to the world beyond. And in time, after the initial, tentative steps, pushing down paths new and undreamed of.
   And the present day order sees them for what they are... Agents of Change, a threat to any establishment, any imposed reality. The heatwave, the worst in living memory is nothing compared to the boiling within the human heart. The Indian Summer heralds the twilight of mankind.


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   Dreams Belong to the Night
   - Published June 21, 2011    ISBN 978-82-91693-11-8

   New, emerging urban rebel guerilla groups, freedom fighters, called terrorists by enraged authorities are overwhelming Europe.
   What is, in truth terrorism? Who does it to whom?
   How much can a human being take of bondage, injustice, degradation and destruction of spirit...
  until being fed up?

   Present day society is a wound not closing.
   In a modern world society destroying everything making life worth living there are those, who, through coincidence and fate, have decided not to take it anymore.
  And as they are making that decision, together and as individuals, they are also starting on a journey, a journey back to humanity's roots.
  Judith, Sivert, Kim, Willhelm, Anya and many more.
  A handful of people against an entire world.

  This is their story...


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   The Janus Clan Book One: The Defenseless - Published July 21, 2010
   ISBN 978-82-91693-08-8

   The two rivers meet and join in the city of Denver, becoming one...

   The two dark brothers, growing up with their sister Linda in a mundane, average suburb, a place well entrenched in modern United States and the world, have since their moment of birth been at odds with the world... and with each other.
   Mike and Ted Cousin are not who they are. There is a mystery here, one of birth and upbringing, one of fate. Violence and death, blood and fire follow them all the days of their lives. The fire is resting somewhere inside... waiting for the Spark.
   Their parents know something, but are not telling. The policeman Mark Stewart and their aunt Trudy do, too. Everybody knows something, pieces of the whole, but nobody knows the whole truth, nobody telling it.
   The ancient power is returning to the world, a world massively suffering from physical and spiritual poison, on the brink of collapse and a collective tailspin suicide run without peer in human history. Magick is returning from its long exile. Thus begins the story of the wild beasts rising from their ashes.
   The Spark is struck, horrible and terrifying.


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   Your Own Fate - Published August 21, 2010    ISBN 978-82-91693-05-7

   From The Book of Fate:
   In the Book of Fate there is everything. Every incident, all times, everything that has been, that is, that will ever be, everything that might be, everything that could have been.
   But who is writing it? Who is penning it? Who is turning page by page, too many to be counted, blowing in the wind? Does it perhaps write itself, with a pen moving across the yellow sheets? Or is it a hand moving the pen, one unseen, one stretching back into the past, back to the time before everything was created, creating itself from nothing?

   Timothy Joyce is an enigma, a man without a past, appearing from nowhere, to go on a rampage in an astonished world.

   Jeremy Zahn is hunting Timothy Joyce. It seems like he has always been hunting him, from old London, from the island of angels, where it is said they met for the first time, to the city of angels, California, the new world.
   Here, on this shaky ground, following confrontations spanning the world, its time and space the two will fight for the last time.
   And the world is watching, its people shivering in their frozen hearts.

   It isn't what you think. It never is.


   More about Your Own Fate




   The Janus Clan Book Two: The Slaves - Published November 11, 2010
   ISBN 978-82-91693-09-5

   Civilization needs slaves, needs cogs in the machine, a braindead population in a world filled with shame, for the machinery to keep working. Everybody is defenseless in a certain sense in present day society, bred to be servants, to be victims, to be slaves.
   A group of youths was kidnapped, broken and brainwashed to fit the needs of the Cabal of people calling themselves Abraxas Omega, a clandestine organization working behind the throne, the seats of power on present day Earth.
   On the passenger liner M/S Aphrodite, a playground for the rich and powerful. The streets and houses of London. In the American desert. In the highest political and executive offices around the world.
   A ghost is hunting the slavers, a specter from the past thought long dead, slowly gaining substance, gaining life. In the city of London the spark is struck, the Burning begins, one that in time will engulf everything, from the deepest sewer to the highest tower.
   Ted Warren is born in that seething cauldron.


   More about The Janus Clan




   Night on Earth. - Published December 12, 2010.
   ISBN 978-82-91693-07-1

   This is said to be the age of enlightenment and reason...
   A culmination of thousands of years' development and illumination.

   The hunters are dying off, they say. Their day is done, in favor of the new, enlightened time of neon lights, technology and civilization.
   But a hunter is stalking the streets of London. A creature without form, eyes and skin. In a city on the brink of chaos, of social and economic collapse it's stalking cops, killing them in ever more horrible ways. Sheila Watts is a hunter. She's a cop.
   Sheila is lost, losing herself further by the second. She's losing herself, finding herself, as she's closing in on the creature of the night, as it is closing in on her.

   Sheila Watts can taste the sweet blood in her mouth...


   More about Night on Earth




   The Janus Clan Book Three: Birds Flying in the Dark
   - Published April 30, 2011    ISBN 978-82-91693-10-1

   Ted and Elizabeth Warren are finally claiming their name. In the crowded city of London, in the wilderness of the American Rocky Mountains they come of Age, learning more of what and who they are.
   Ted and Tilla settle in London, with many of their old friends. Their eyes are open, wide open. They see the world. They see it in every street, every house, see it for what it is, not the fairy tale they have been told, told from birth it is. And the world sees them. It reaches for them with its machinery and its dull claws. The past will not let them go, and neither will the future.
   Elizabeth is growing up. She sees the falseness of it all, the reality behind the facade, the illusion. She is looking, looking for the truth of the world and also for the truth behind the mystery that is her life. And she finds it, finds the first sparks, the first exploding sparks. She is Changing, changing into something Other. Her body is changing, but most of all she is changing inside, into what she has always been.
   The Janus Clan has been dormant for decades, but now it is once again, finally, asserting itself in the world, and they, and the world will never be the same.


   More about The Janus Clan




   The Janus Clan Book Four: At the End of the Rainbow
   - Published October 31, 2012    ISBN 978-82-91693-14-9

   There is a treasure at the end of the rainbow, or so the legend says, a place, an El Dorado, a Xanadu, a paradise, a heaven where all wishes are granted, a lush and peaceful garden people have been searching for since time immemorial.

   Ted and Elizabeth Warren have finally, at a terrible cost claimed their name. They leave their safe haven in the American Rockies, and they begin their tour, their Journey across the Earth. They cross the United States on a motorbike, first traveling west, stopping in Las Vegas, playing the stakes, throwing the dice, then traveling east and south, ending up in New Orleans, the City of the Dead, where they find more mystery, the mystery that is their life, find Life and find Death, find David Gidman, find Mark Stewart locked in a horrible battle of supremacy.
   An eccentric millionaire invites them to accompany him on a treasure hunt in the South American jungle, and they go, go into the moist and hot jungle, to old and new pyramids, hiding terrible secrets. And everything else is traveling with them, every ghost, every shadow. Old enemies and friends, or both, join them there, in the lush, green and lethal surroundings. Ghosts of the past, ghosts of the future, and it's all one.
   Death, tangible and true, awaits them in the pyramid of fear.


   More about The Janus Clan




   The Janus Clan Book five: Lewis of Modern York
   - Published April 30, 2019    ISBN 978-82-91693-24-8

   Twin towers are decorating the Manhattan skyline, paragons of oppression and destruction.
   Down below, in the Stone Desert's gray emptiness people are desperately striving to survive, to live a semblance of a life.

   Lewis Talbot and Carla Wolf are not who they are. They know this. But they don't know why, at least he doesn't. They are growing up. Carla is only eighteen, but she has already traveled the world, in search of what she may never find. Lewis is only fifteen, but strange stirrings and notions have haunted him since the early nights of his life.
   And they encounter many interesting people on their Journey, the four Warrens, Patrick, Ethel, Ted and Liz, Jean Gidman and Eric Carr, and others. They all have a reason for being in Modern York, for visiting, for living there. Ted and Liz arrive in town, sick and tired of life, of everything, desperately seeking Life, seeking renewal, a reason to go on living.
   Modern York is not so different from old York. War is being prepared there. Peace is being prepared there. The drama of life called the Janus Clan will come to a preliminary conclusion there.
   It's an old and true saying: Nobody is exactly who they appear. The question is what is lurking beneath the mask, below the surface, and what may happen when the masks fall.


   More about The Janus Clan






   Amos Keppler: Collected Poems 1989 - 2003. - Published April 30, 2011.
   ISBN 978-82-91693-06-4

   Venture into existence with Amos Keppler, into the rainbow, of red and green, shadow and pitch black. Experience Life through ShadowWalker's many senses.
   That's all, folks.

   Contains eight collections of poems, all 291 written from November 1989 to august 2003.

   The Green Rose 1989 - 1993
   Cry of the Jester 1993
   Poems of the Hot Wind 1994 to 1996
   Travels And Revels, Life and Magick, Tales from Hell and Beyond - Aleister Crowley 1995 - 1996
   The Infinity Cycle 1995 - 1998
   Chronicles of Our Dreams 1998 - 2001
   Diary of a Traveling Man 2002
   TheBeautifulExcitingWorldinPieces January to August 2003

   Also included are author's remarks and background material.


   More about Amos Keppler poems





   Secrets - Published August 21, 2013.
   ISBN 978-82-91693-15-6

   These are descriptions of what cannot be described.

   These words within deal with the current world as it is, its prevalent and extensive alienation, inequality and injustice, its ongoing destruction of both spirit and flesh, of everything making life worth living.

   But most of all it's about the Night, the great darkness, the dark passions ruling us all, what those in charge more than anything want to take away from us.

   Words have power...

   Contains 140 poems written from August 2003 to July 2013.


   More about Amos Keppler poems


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