The Long Walk


A wrong turn, a right turn.

A gate where no gate is supposed to be.

There is no right turn, there is no wrong turn.

Only turns.


Welcome to The Long Walk. You may not have been conscious of that fact, but...
You've walked it your whole life, your entire existence.


   We're gonna explore it all here, all facets of it. Except maybe the narrow railroad track with a fixed destination... to nowhere.

   The clock to nowhere is ticking. Now, more than ever it's not merely important, but vital and essentiel to explore the crossroads, ourselves as Nomads and the mystical dreams, the invisible labyrinth inside ourselves, pushing, pulling us forward.

   This site is still comparably small. Most sites start that way. Every Life begin that way. Most lives today stay like that. Magic lies scattered, a pale imitation of what it once was.

   But we, the mutants, the witches, the rebels, the seekers, the Nomads, are picking up the pieces, putting it back together as an ever, incomplete Whole.





This walk of The Long Walk started 31-10-1998

Rebirth and Growth 1999-05-27
157. Night 12054
The fourth year in the time of
The Crimson Tide

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"No man can step into the same river twice,
for the second time it's not the same river,
and he's not the same man".