«Why are you here?
Do you have anything worth living for?».

Lorien - Babylon 5


Everyone and everything meet by the Crossroads.

  Restlessness leads us away, leading us to places where knowledge and power may be glimpsed, may be learned.

  Not a tear in the fabric of reason, but a path, a gate, to an extended reality.

  All stories meet by the Crossroads.


   The Fire is big. It's frame is big enough to house more than one giant of a man. The flame is of constant height and width. Nothing really burns. Not the flame, neither its nourishment on the ground and in the air.

   But the Fire keeps burning.

   Five hooded figures are raising their hands, raising the cone of Fire, keeping open the fabric of reality.

Long Stretch

   A long stretch of gray

   Leading outside the long stretch of gray, to the Crossroads Beyond.

   Freedom is a four letter word

   Leading to Infinity.

A deep center, where all realities, all Strangers meet and part.

I bid you welcome

Wanderer reaching the gate to all realities.

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