«We are so very far away from home,
you know. All of us. We’ve wandered
so very far from home».

From Nomads
written and directed by John McTiernan

Black Forest

We Human Beings are Nomads.

  Restlessness is "bred" into us, into our very core, a part of ourselves we can never deny, as much as we may try. We're Hunters and will thus ever Hunger for what's beyond, what we've yet to experience.

  EXPERIENCE is the milk and the key. Our own, personal one.
  One merely retold from another's story altough possibly exiting, will in the end, never be sufficient.

  Walls are anthema to us. Any form of limitation, any promise of placid existence, not including open fields, deep forests and tall mountains. Nature in all its uncontrolled Fury is as much a part of us, as our own skin and bone and blood. Staying long in one place, no matter what it may promise, no matter the silken bed, makes us wither and die, bit by bit, piece by piece.

  We're wanderers, seekers, seeking to experience everything, including the unknown. And the unknown is vast and exciting, while the known and mundane, is just a wet spot in a closet. Without change something, something valuable, falls asleep inside us and we run the risk that it, that we, may never more awaken. Variety is not merely the salt of Life, but its very essence.


A shore where none has gone before...

"At times you may end up far away from home.
You may not be sure where you belong anymore...
But home is always there!
Because home is not a place,
it's wherever your passion takes you".

John Sheridan
Babylon 5


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