Inside The Dark Lodge

Title: The Dark Lodge


   Yes, it can be terrifying, can it not? The searching is long, strenous, the finding a head to head contact with everything the society of your birth, are considering taboo, forbidden and forbidding... They've warned you against this place, since birth, through adolescence and your first years as an "adult".


   You're entering a room not a room, without being able to recall walking inside. This place of mists and Time and Shadow, may appear to your eyes as a room. With walls and roof and floor. In flashes of Night and Fire you glimpse the wider truth. Everything known are dissolving before your sight. Nothing is left but the Mists, the Shadow, the NIght and the Fire, the many open windows.




"A Stranger is a friend you've yet to meet".
Irish proverb


Mists of Time and Space

   Most people today follow rules, specific lines of conduct. They're digging their personal, small hole of existence and insists on believing that this view, this narrow perspective, is everything there is. If something happens to upset their, dull, well ordered existence, they get insecure, fearful and straight out intimidated. They may be "living" their entire "life", without questioning this unwavering path, doing nothing but repeating the words and actions of others.

   Even worse, when someone else do step out of line, they get frustrated, insulted and angry.

   It is easy to understand why, once you think about it. In people who do seek and are wandering The Freedom Road, doing forbidden and unspeakable acts, they see themselves, what they themselvers, could have been, if they lived the Life of a Human Being, instead of a sheep or an ant. They see proof that the human spirit is not dead, is still alive. And their hatred and poison, knows no bounds.

Yes, we're agents of change, constantly upsetting the established order.



Yes, you're here, you've reached, beyond all odds
one goal of your search, one search of your goal,

(Children of) The Dark Lodge

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Third year in the time of The Crimson Tide.


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