The Dark Lodge

"A friend is a Stranger you've yet to meet".
Irish proverb


The Dark Lodge



Call it white, green or black.
It doesn’t matter.

Labels don’t matter!

What’s important is why we’re seeking this place, not a place, what we hope to find here.

Why does this far land exist at all? It’s certainly not supposed to. All the way through adolescence we’re told again and again that there’s no such beast. And sometimes, when we ask quite fierce, dig extra deep, we’re told by parents, teachers, half dead adults, to stay away from it all. From the dark lodge, the most gruesome and dangerous hell on Earth.

We’re seeking it because it’s so deep, so profound, that it has no place in today’s world. In a shallow, indifferent society. To find it we may need to walk a thousand miles... or not a single step. And we discover that it’s not really deep at all, only Life unbound, in all its myriad glories.


Poem for a stormy night

Lightning from the Earth

There's a Storm raging outside my windows.
Not just my window
But my windows
Inspiration runs high
Along a crocked line
I adore these stormy nights
With thoughts and possibilities
Passion and Thunder
So far away from the gray day

A dark lodge somewhere
In a nowhere place
Not difficult to reach
Warrior witches dancing nude
Around the hottest fire
There are torrential rain
The fire burns on
There are firemen doing their worst
To put out the fire
With gasoline
They fail miserably
In their rage they drop
An atom bomb on the ring
The star of fire
More gasoline feeding the fire

The day after is never the same
After this, who can say
There isn't life out there?
The sun rises in the east
Setting in the west
Night begins anew...

And the blood gives up its secrets


The Eight


Amos Keppler this moment now 1998
47. night 12053
In the third year in the time of
The Crimson Tide



"Loneliness isn't a longing for company, but a longing for kindred souls".
Marylin French

First uploaded 01-04-1998
100. Night 12053
Third year in the time of The Crimson Tide.