silver star silver star

Come to me you outcasts, you outlaws
From the four corners of the world
No law do we observe
No care have we for the observers
I am the great beast that rise from the sea
Follow me through the silver star
and lead yourself to greatness

The strings of society
make us deny our ancient spirits
of the world
Eliminate in you all restraints
and you will live in the world that is
We are beasts and we are human
Nothing outside, nothing in-between
We are everything we wish to be
We are intellect and we are passion
and our will is a sight to behold

Frightened sheep cover for our might to stand alone
They can't find their own and thus they hate us
It has always been thus
Those with belief in envy have no belief of their own

See the harlot, see the roused hunter
Watch the beast with two heads roll and heave
Unrestrained we are man once more

silver star Silver Star Welcome