Angel Angel

A piece of silver
under a jar of clear glass
Lift it up and the silver is gone
Yes, a few parlour tricks
can be useful in any life

But look at that man over there
Doesn't he move like a frog
My lady, will you please remove your clothes
Yes, that's fine, thank you
You will be my move, my vessel
Into the other world
Yes, I can see now
I see gods and avatars and fools
side by side

Dagger Dagger

You, my man
will be dead within three days
A coffin is lowered into the ground
It's raining and the mud floats away
Men and women dressed in black
So bad and so fucked up depressed
It's just part of the cycle
Everything is
Our day will come
Our night will come
Laugh about the patethic joke of despair
we play on ourselves

I slept in houses filled with shadowy shapes
Yes, clear visions see the shadow of night
By the open-minded, the free will
We are travellers, jesters, if you will
Not in the world of matter that has the last word
We do not merely grasp the world, but change it
The mark we leave in eternity
is so deep that it becomes an abyss

Make love under the moon
and open up the earth so it cracks
"Zazas zazas nasatanda zazas"
is what offends the worshippers of chains?
The joke definitely is on them

Angel Angel

Whip the scarlet woman
Ride the beast
Form form out of nothing
Fill out the darkness
Shadow the light
666 is the number
Like all numbers it's totally
Like all things it's totally
without thought
We are not the number
We are the meaning
It's the nothing and the all
Like us, the disciples of the beast