Dry, quelling sand
Wherever I turn
Even here in Egypt
Once the land of magic
Now only a memory
A memory dead as a corpse
Mummified for thousands of years

England has its share of ghosts
But none with a spark of life
Only a few embers
awaken with a start
A jolt of memory
Yes, humans know they are alive
If they're reminded strong enough
Most hate what they've become
And kill the messenger of bad news

Action must follow free will
The living death must be challenged
You are basically optimistic
You think they can only
kill you once
You're not prepared for the
choking grip around your throat
The piercing dagger through
your living heart

The world is like that
A desperate quest for wonders
In a society that tolerates none
Nowhere will you find
Your guiding dark
Except in your own
desolate heart

I am the world
and everything in it
I am the desert
I am the raging sea
In me there are
desolate plains and tall mountains
I am life and bloody murder
I am excitement in the forest
I am buggery in a crowded bus
Soft candles in a room of darkness
Darkness in a room
lit by soft candles
And so, my foolish friend, are you
We're all living gods
Accept it and be set free



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